Thursday, 11 June 2009

damage and what nots...

I woke up this morning and tried to be all positive.
However, I didn't sleep well and its bloody hail stoning outside! It's frickin' June. WHERE'S THE SUNSHINE?

Both beside the point. I haven't really been losing weight for like a month. It started out with one excuse. My exams and the stress it brought. The week after that I got my period after 6 months of it being 'missing'. The pain was unbearable. I barely made it out of bed. Then the last two weeks have been 'my friends going on an around the world trip and we're not going to see each other til September so lets make the most of now' excuse. Which essentially meant eat what the fuck I liked and ZERO exercise. Practically no blogging at all.

13 pound gain in 28 days. That's almost half of my total lost so far. It's hard to type that. It sucks but I ain't got any one else to blame. It was all me. It kinda depresses me to know I have to lose all that again since it felt like it took me forever to get it off. BUT IT MUST BE DONE.


big_mummy said...

I am 100% sure that that will come off quick! i know you are back home now, so you can abuse the wii fit bigtime and i bet a lot of that is water retention because if you been doing the excuses that means salt, you are still UNDER your starting weight- so take heart, even though its frustrating.

Im looking forward to you blogging reguarly again :)

Fat[free]Me said...

I agree with big_mummy, if you get to it quickly, it will come off sooner than settled weight does!

Now your mates have gone (sniff), there is nothing to distract you from getting back into the fitness and healthy eating groove again.

Great to see you posting again (you have been missed). Oh, when is your Race for Life? Mine is on Sunday (eek!) and are you still watching Biggest Loser. It is getting depressing now that many of them weight less than/same as I do - grr!

Learning to be Less said...

Honesty will set you free. You recognize the fall, now you just have to pick yourself backup and work at it again. It could have been worse. One day at a time. I missed reading your blogs so welcome back!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Maybe you should just give up.


Get back on that pony and ride, Sally, ride. 13 lbs. pffffft

You're gonna get rid of a big chunk of that right off the bat, and then you're gonna stick with it and rock the scale some more.

Why? Because if you don't, you're gonna have to watch me do it without you and I'm gonna come back over here and taunt you.

And I'm one helluva taunter, young missy.

Get after it.

jessi said...

You can definitely lose this quickly. Good luck!

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

It sucks to regain weight you lost. Been there, done that. But just chill a second then right your life so you start losing again. You clearly know how to do it so just do it girl! I'm not going to agree with everyone else that it will come off quick, but it will come off. So get to it. :)

And btw, you are beautiful. Seriously.

arielcircleofnine said...

I missed you!!! If it makes you feel any better, I am in the same boat as you and we better start bailing out. Cant give up can we!?
time to get back on track!

TJ said...

You have been missed around here! Jump right back on that wagon right now missy! :) You know you can kick ass when you want to- so just do it!! :) YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

Anonymous said...

you have the tools and power within you to make the choices to your success..Here's to a better day, a better meal, a better workout..

Carlos said...

fucking sucks the gains. but info is info... mine scared the shit out of me and taught me something... not sure what yet.

Anonymous said...

Better now at 13lb, then all of it later right? RIGHT! Good luck chicky I know you can do this. Remember how confident and great you can be back there in no time. Just a small set back.

Good luck with a healthy week ahead =)

antgirl said...

I'll keep poking at you, too, missy.

Since it's ucky out [here, too - it slusheed on us], seems like a great time to play with the wii.

Where's your new pedometer friend? [RIP Pedro}

There's a lot of back and forth when you start. Don't dwell on it. It just means you're in this game with the rest of us.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Don't look at it as something that requires blame or punishment. Learn, and move on. It might not come off quickly as some people are posturing, but is that any reason not to be who you want to be?

You've done it before, you can do it again :) Be confident!