Wednesday, 24 June 2009

the day before judegement day...

I've been feeling guilty about eating the fish and chips at the weekend and spent over an hour everyday working out trying to get rid of it before it becomes a gain. A gain on a re-gain would be so baaaaaaaaad. I think it would make me cry. But I have seen some awesome attitudes this week so if I do gain I just have to as Fatty McButter Pants said "suck it up and move on".

However you think this guilt would spur on clean eating or push me into achieving a loss. Alas no. Today, thats right people, one day before weigh in I have an enormous sausage sandwich cooked in fat. That was like 3am this morning too. Sooooooooooooooooooooo not good. I haven't used fat to cook in (unless I've eaten out) since January. I cut out bread from my diet altogether. With the fat and the bread and the real good sausage my body doesn't know whats happening so in grand celebration of that my face has broken out in spots. That's right my face looks like a new mountain range.

In the moment of the sausagey goodness I didn't feel bad, now in the looming shadow of the weigh in I feel bad and weak. And annoyed. And stupid. You'd think I would learn but nooooo. That would be sensible.

Still, to quote a friend 'One sammich does not a failure make.'

So I am off to drink as much water as humanly possible to flush it out and exercise like something that exercises extremely intensely!!


big_mummy said...

and have a crap before weigh in!!!

i did this last week- what a pair we are!!!

Kate said...

You know, if we could combine our strengths we would be the ultimate weightloss machine. I've got the eating part down pat but the exercise? "Hahahahah" as in "yeah right, maybe some other time)is pretty much all I have to say in the face of exercise lately. I really admire you for being so on the ball with that!

Anonymous said...

Good luck darlin'...I'm sure it won't be so bad =)

I read an article once that says if you are going to eat something "bad"(or what we consider good ;) Then you should eat it happily and enjoy every bite rather than feel upset or depressed about eating it, because it changes the chemicals in our bodies to make it hold onto the fat more so then if you don't have a negitive emotional reaction to eating it.

Now I have no idea how much truth there is to that, but none the less I try to happily eat a few "bad" things and not feel guilt for it. Just keep on, moving on!

TJ said...

Eating right is the hardest part for some people...but Im with Kate- you rock the exercise and now just need the foods to fall into place. You can do it wildfluffy!! :)

antgirl said...

Mood & brain chemicals ... I've just been reading this ... I'm such science nerd ...

Eating in a prone mood reinforces conditioned [aka addictive] behavior. That you are getting a physical reward from the food.

Yes, we actually do get a physical reward. But, that's the chain we're trying to break with all this healthy stuff.

So, don't feel defeated. It takes time and it takes practice. You're still practicing.

SeaShore said...

It's only one weigh-in, get it over with and then forget it. Just keep moving on with your plan. And go read Lynn @ The Hungry Little Caterpillar! She said it really well today :)

PS Been there! Will be there again, I'm sure *sigh*