Friday, 19 June 2009

the pub and other stuff...

ok. So I lost six pounds. I always get deliriously happy and way too relaxed and immediately un-do the hard work. Not this time. Since I was working off a re-gain I was super careful.

The damage.
One bottle of grolsch
One pint of cider (can't go to a poetry slam and not have a cider)
One packet of salt and vinegar crisps.

I think that's pretty limited to say the least. No fatty food. No chips. No seven pints! Controlled. The crisps were a bit annoying because I had to have dinner at like 5pm because I had to leave early to get alll the way up to Newcastle so I was feeling a lil snacky towards the end of the evening.

On the way there some drunk guys approached me on the way to the metro. Putting their arms round me and snickering and saying things like wide load. I shrugged them away and firmly told them to fuck off. God I hate that. Didn't let it ruin the evening though. The same drunks held the train up 20 minutes because we had to wait for the police to escort them off. Quite annoying. However turning up late left me with out a seat and I had to sit next to this really HOT STUFF poet. Infact you can check him out... Ross Sutherland This picture doesn't do him justice and omg his voice. In my personal opinon he should have won... though the dude who actually won was amazing....

The next morning I got lost on the way to the metro station trying to make my way home from my friends house. Totally forgot his instructions and ended up doing 5000 steps before 10 am! ( didn't help that NONE of the bus stops had their respective numbers on the top and I had to check individual stops to find the damn bus home) I suppose it upped my step count so it wasn't alllll bad. Except I got a lil sweaty 'cause I was walking up and down hills and shit.

Also I was in Asda like 20 minutes ago and saw a Jillian Michael's fitness game for the wii. I probably don't need a another wii fitness thingy but I know all of you American blogger's rate her so I thought I'd put it out there.....


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sounds like you managed your pub experience as well as could be reasonably expected. And the extra steps that came with wandering around lost probably went a good ways towards making up for that tiny setback.

big_mummy said...

i know i have just done a running comment in IM with you... but... heres me acknowledging lol

arielcircleofnine said...

you did very well!!!! Went into the bar next to my hubby's tattoo shop myself last nite for dinner. Its tough to turn down all that great pub food isnt it? But Im happy to say Im with you---showed great restraint and stuck to it.
One question...whats grolsch??
And a second question: wonder if the drunks would've held up the train had you kicked them right in the nads? seriously some people are hopeless idiots!

TJ said...

yeah whats grolsch? lol I think you did well even though I dont know what that G word is? lol :)

I read a review online of that game with Jillian- and It didnt get good reviews- Something about it not responding to the wii remote very well and not explaining stuff either- so I skipped it.

:)good job on the extra steps when you were lost! hehe

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on keeping control!

Good for you for telling those jerks to fuck off, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!

Ross Sutherland = yum :)

Carlos said...

i miss the snake bites... kick ass loss even if it's just getting the gain off!

ps poetry is for pussies

antgirl said...

I know what grolsch is! Beer! [homage to my lush days of yore ...]

Oh wowww! How did you hear a word of anything else? That's definitely my type of snack ... the poet ... LOL Any plans for him to come to the PNW? :-D

fatty McButter Pants said...

I can't believe some A**HOLES would actually say crap like that to you. It makes me mad!

You did great at the pub and at getting's the best way to get in some extra steps.

Way to go!

Julie said...

Ok that poet is hot!!!!! Wow :)

I am so proud that you told them to fuck off. What a bunch of dumbarses.

I hate getting lost but at least you gave you some extra steps.

MochaTrina said...

You did a lot better than I did this weekend! I went bowling with friends and I probably drank a pitcher of beer on my own and somebody kept buying these really tasty fries. I kept saying no thanks, but yet the fries kept finding their way into my mouth.

Emily said...

I was going to buy the Jillian Michael's game for Wii. I had it on order since April, but I saw reviews and heard such bad things that I went and got my money back!!! Poor Jillian. I love her.

And that poet dude - OMG if that photo didn't do him justice... WOW. He was hotttttttt.

Don't you hate drunk guys. Jerks! good you didn't let it ruin your night. :o)