Sunday, 16 August 2009

more blah

I was going to post and then I thought nah. Fuck it, I will.

Nothing really interesting though. Except I am no longer able to sleep on the air bed. It is driving me insane. Plus I was up during the night six times letting the dog in and out. Apparently no one else heard her crying. Today I feel absolutely drained. And slightly grumpy. I exercised yesterday and got my eating on track but the impending weigh in of doom is coming and I really just don't have the energy to summon up some positivity or put the gain into perspective.

I totally regret eating like a wild thing while I was away and now I can feel it eating away at me right now. Why did I do it? Why didn't I show some restraint? I know how I feel afterwards, I hate the gains and yet still I cannot help cracking and going totally out of control. Every frickin' time. and now here is another whiny post. It's getting dull and repetitive and stupid.

*bangs head against wall* I know this shit.


Debby said...

Quit banging your head against the wall...your brains will fall out!

The past is the past...deep breath and forget about it. No use obsessing over spilled fatty food. Can't uneat what you ate.

Just concentrate on today, the good you're doing, don't think about the scale as you can't help one little bit what it's going to say.

You are on the right track...just stay focused.

TJ said...

Im with Debby- I dont wanna see any brains. lol

You need to take it one day at a time, or one meal at a time. :) Rome was not built in a day, and eating habits are hard to change. Hang in there my friend!!! :)

jo said...

Well, sleeping on an airbed and being the one to let the poor dog out six times in the night would be enough to make me crabby and put me in a mood.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is to forgive myself. It's hard for me to do, but I'm human and make mistakes. Forgive and move on. That's what gets me through rough times.

CONGRATS on eating well and exercising yesterday!! WOO-HOO. You're back, you've got your go take a nap due to yoru lack of sleep, get up and exercise and start the day over again refreshed.

The scale just gives you a number, it can't say good job for getting back on track. Don't give it so much power!

Losing Waist! said...

Yup. What they said above. ALSO... how long have we held onto our regrets from the past, and let that control how we take care of ourselves now/in the future. I know that in the past I have binged a hundred times in response to the guilt that I felt over a previous binge, weight gain, guilt, shame... You get it. Holding onto that stuff typically holds us back from making progress... it is a terrible cycle. BREAK FREE FROM IT LADY!!

HopeFool said...

These guys are right. It's over. There's no need to think about it any more.

I'm glad you posted. ~huuuugs~

MackAttack said...

OH gosh, I do not do well when I'm sleepy. And airmattresses aren't beds, they don't provide any kind of rest! Hope you get better sleep tonight!

Emmett said...

We all get frustrated from time to time, sometimes more than other times. Hang in there, I know you can do it.

Dina said...

Air beds suck! You'll probably feel better once you get a decent nights sleep.

F. McButter Pants said...

How do you function?? This lovely family time will be ending soon. You can do it....just hold on!

You aren't the worst dieter or the best dieter. You are YOU. I love you! So, put the bat down and step away from the bat. You have beat yourself up enough about last week. Look forward to all the ass you are going to kick this week.

{{big puffy hug}}

BABES...Jump back in with both feet!

Val said...

Well hell everybody else already said everything...
No sleep=cranky Val
Airbeds=cranky Val
Gains=cranky Val
So as you can see, I'm right there with ya!!! Put it behind you, move on, and feel better woman!! *hugs*

antgirl said...

Am I going to have to give Simone an eye patch or a lumpy head to go with that peg leg? :)

One day at a time. I know not being in control of your surroundings is maddening as all hell and frustrating to boot.

Coping ... figuring out how to do that may help you with everything else.

I feel for ya, I'd not be sleeping either. I just ordered a white noise machine to help my sleeping. Will let you know how it works when it arrives. :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

You don't have to be positive to stay on track. And I usually find staying on track tends to lead me towards being positive anyway.