Friday, 28 August 2009

the mothership has landed.

Ok. Folks, be gentle. This is my first and probably only guest post. And it’s my Mam. She said she’s gonna find it hard to continue her weightloss journey once I leave for Manchester and knowing how awesome the blogging community is I recommended she sign up…. However she’s shy and reluctant to get it all out there so here she is testing the waters…

Hello there…

I’m Alison. The mother. Mamabear. The occasional pain in the bum. (other various titles….)

I would just like to say how proud of Simone I am for getting this far on her weight loss journey, I really cannot get that across enough. However there are a few things about it that makes me worry about her…
Her obsession.

I believe that there is a fine line between obsession and dedication and weighing in six or seven times is a day is a line crossed. This behaviour scared me to be honest. So reluctantly she gave it up. I have now hidden (for the most part, she can be sneaky) the scales and only unleash them for the weekly weigh in. Weighing in daily seriously affected her mood, whether the numbers were good and bad. I don’t think she realised just how strongly the scales affected her. It did have an impact on the rest of the family too.

Another thing that I do try to keep an eye on is her frequent worrying over where the weight is coming off and how slowly. She is so impatient. I fear she thinks about this too much and doesn’t focus on the long term. I keep telling her slow and steady wins the race. This journey is for the long haul not short stay. It is real life and we don’t get magic wands.

Getting a bit miserable there, moving on…
I do believe that this time she is truly dedicated to losing this weight and at times her motivation is quite impressive. I know how hard this journey is as I have been on it several times myself and I am glad that she is sticking it out. She really is an inspiration to me.

When I was younger I was skinny, actually underweight and now at age 48 I am the heaviest weight I have ever been. I lost my dad during my early teens and since then have continued to gain weight. I too in January started trying to lose weight with my daughter. I have had some success and some failures too. I know she is not alone, here at home and with you bloggers. (some of which she is always harping on about) I am glad we are doing this along side each other even if sometime we are the devil on each others shoulders.

Living at home has been tough for Simone but I have every faith in that when she returns to Manchester that she will continue on stronger. She will succeed. She does not realise how much I am going to miss her. She has been such a great help to me, motivating me to go the gym, trying to cook me healthy meals. It will break my heart when she leaves. I hope to stay strong when she is not around. I know she will only be a phone call away (perhaps even just a blog comment) but it will be hard.

Thanks for listening.


big_mummy said...

hey mama bear!!! I definatly think it will help you to have a blog, i hve been on diets a bazillion times and although i knew it was a "lifestyle change" was what i needed, that forever seems very scary at the wrong side of 20 stone. Only blogging is different for me so far and it is such a weight off (pun?? harrdeharrharr) to be able to speak to people who know what your going through, or who have been there where you are now, the same feelings, we are not dictated by, we can take control again!!
I hope that you do open up a blog and i would look forward to following along!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awwww :) Lovely post. It's obvious you know, but you have a wonderful daughter!

Good luck with your weight loss efforts! And do consider a blog!

Miz said...

I LOVED seeing this post (and giggled at the pain in the bum remark) as Im a mom and a healthy living blogger.

and most days Im far more the former in my head than the latter.

Lovely moving and oh so so relatable post, Alison.


Debby said...

From one mum to'll be OK for both of you!

It's so hard to want the best for our children, but no matter how much we try, we can't force them to do what we want them to do. They have to want it.

You'll be OK on your diet plan when Simone leaves. See, you have to, you have to show her how it's done. Telling doesn't work. You just have to keep plugging and show her by example.

I always wondered why Simone was going on about her Mam hiding the scales! I thought maybe she lived in a house with a crazy woman that just hid things! I got it now! I'm laughing too.

Being obsessed with the scale is a problem some people have. It would drive me berserk. I have finally come to use the scale as just a tracking tool at my Weight Watcher meetings. If I go, and I've had a gain after honestly doing everything I could that week, then there's no use being upset. I will just keep doing what is right, maybe shake things up with different exercise or something, but I can only do what I can do and the fat will eventually give in and fall off.

Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you get your own blog and we can keep track of each other.

SeaShore said...

Having a blog has helped me sooo much this time 'round! Try it (your first post was great.) You'll have your daughter's support and that of so many others :)

spunkysuzi said...

I think you will definitely enjoy having a blog if that's what you decide to do!
I know you are both strong people and having some extra support is always a good thing.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

As a parent of daughters, I share your worries. We want our girls to be strong, happy and worry-free.

You've raised a great young woman in Simone and she's on an adventure to reclaim her body. If she's in a hurry, it's because she's young and stupid (shhhh....don't tell her I said that). She'll learn as she gets older that time passes all too fast and that if she dedicates herself to what she's doing, she'll find her way in her own time.

Again, congrats on a job well done with your little girl.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Too sweet Simone...and mama bear.

Love this post! And good luck!

TJ said...

aww I loved the Mama's guest post!! :) Good job on hiding the scale Mama! ONCE a week is all that COUNTS! :) This is a lifestyle change which does not result in over night weight loss but does in fact make us a success! Keep up the great work Simone! :)

We love your WILDFLUFFY daughter! :)

Carlos said...

awesome! you seem like a caring parent. good job raising her this far...

and shit, i hope my mom doesn't read my bloggity!

Fat Daddy said...

What a great post, mama bear. It is good to have someone keeping you on the path...on the diet, but nor overboard.

You've helped do just that. I hope once Simone is in her own place that the two of you will continue to lean on each other.

Katie J said...

Big hugs to Mama Bear!!!

Great post and I have had nothing but positives from blogging about my weight loss. I encourage you to try it and see what happens.

Best of luck to you!

P.S. Simone, you have a great mama!

antgirl said...

Nice to meet you mamabear!

I wish I had found the blogosphere when I was struggling. I didn't find it until I was done losing and starting maintenance. The supportive community here is wonderful.

Simone is a great gal - obviously.

HopeFool said...

Nice to meet you Mama Bear!
Would love to see you join the blogging community at whatever level you're comfortable with.

P.S. Love your Simone. Such a doll!

MackAttack said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the great post! Good luck continuing the loss, and definitely start a blog!

Fat[free]Me said...

Tee-hee at the "mothership"! So glad to read this - we all love Simone and it is great to hear from her mum - look forward to reading your own blog one day!