Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bad choices, great times!

I took this video at 8 am this morning. Looking pretty fresh, no? lol.

Bad choices but great times.
Sunday - ate out.
Monday- ate out. Went out drinking. No regards for portion control or limits. AWESOME NIGHT THOUGH.
Tuesday- ate out twice! including burger king. boooooo. But spent the day in a hot AMERICAN'S company in Liverpool on a Beatles tour :D

I rationalised that he was only here two days so it was all ok. I hate doing that. In the moment I am all go with it, I will work it off, it's just one time. But then as soon as it is over the guilt floods in. BAH.

P.S i am longer just a gym pervert :D i made the American try on lots of football shirts and right there in the shops he just happily took of his shirt. several several times. HAWT. I have pictures but they're not meant for sharing!


foolsfitness said...

did you say 25,000 steps? Whoa.

I've been trying to limit my chinese eating out to once a week... with some mixed success. I figure you got to live life a bit too right? I always seem to want more. Today I'm tempted to go even after going the day before yesterday... gee come to think of it I wanted to go yesterday too, but I didn't give into that one.

I think it will still be a while before I show off the abs casually to women... but I'm sure most all the guys try to impress, you have a very cool unique something I can't quite pin down to explain.

I couldn't do the drinking thing, I like being in more control. Plus the fact that all my friends say it's good I don't drink... I tend to be a bit over the top and wired naturally.

At foolsfitness our gyms have buffet lines in the locker changing rooms- Alan

twinkelydots said...

At least you're acknowledging your bad food choices. I just kind of push them away.
Baaaaaahhhhh on the American liking your house mate. But hey, at least you're starting out as friends.

Love the bed head. When you started saying "Thought I'd show you a new look. My bed head. I just spent 10 wonderful hours....." You said sleeping. OH well.

TJ said...

at least you had fun! I know you will be back on track soon! :) Good job on getting steps in! :) whoo hoo! Luv the bed head!

big_mummy said...

urm, you better fucking share the hawt pictures you freak

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You must share!!!

LAF said...

American guys rock! Anytime you want more of that - just come on over to my state of Colorado. It is right smack in the middle of the country and we'll just round them up from coast to coast for you!

antgirl said...

Awww. Great pouty face. If you had shown him that, perhaps he would have stayed.

Love your continued positive attitude. Attitude is a big part of this game.

Katie J said...

Drink lots of water and flush that evil sodium out of you.

Ummm why can't you share them young lady? We are all adults! Hahaha!

Learning to be Less said...

Girl you crack me up!! Love the perviness.

Hot boys are worth the calories. Now go to the gym and oogle other hot boys.

This week will work out. Just keep your head up (when it's not smashed in a pillow getting an amazing amount of sleep).

MackAttack said...

woohooo 25000 steps! Great job! Sorry about the boy. so dumb! At least you still have the gym hotties to enjoy :)