Friday, 4 December 2009

3lbs gone. 3lbs gone.3lbs gone.

this is a photo i love. i am drinking yummy german beer at the xmas market a couple of years ago. my sister came to visit and loved the markets. it was a great night. beer. mulled wine and a yummy pork roll. i was happy. and i think i don't look so hideous! heres to more nice photos of me!

3lbs gone baby.
that's right my less mass plan worked this first week.

that takes me back down to 19 stone two.
makes my total loss so far 2 stones 1 pound.
29 pounds down and counting!

right i am off to go play badminton.
and i have the christmas to look forward to tonight. yay.
moderation is key.

hope your day starts as happy as mine!


SeaShore said...

Congrats on your 3 pound loss!

That's a cute picture of you. Here's to more not half hidden by cups of beer ;)

Debby said...

It's so good to see you so upbeat!

I love that you've found a picture of yourself that you like. That's the ticket. Look at the good stuff and hide the bad!

Woooooofreakinhooooo on the 3 pounds! Almost 30 off....just think on January 1 you can look and KNOW you had a loss in 2009. WTG!!! I hope to be able to say the same!!!

F. McButter Pants said...

So good to hear you so happy. Keep up the good work. Have fun tonight.

Be good....big puffy heart hug

F. McButter Pants said...

OOPS! Forgot to tell you how adorable you are, but then you already know that! :)

TJ said...

That is a cute pic! I like it! :) Congrats to saying goodbye to 3 pounds! WHOOOHOOOO! Lots of <3 for you my friend LOTS! :)

Carlos said...

way to rock that shit simone

Alexia said...

Congrats! How cute you are! And thanks for checking out my blog!


spunkysuzi said...

Congras on the nice loss and it is a great picture of you :)

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Grats on the loss girl!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You don't look hideous at all!

Congrats on the awesome loss girly! Have fun!

Stella said...

congrats. I love the european market season... This year i'll be just buying homemade socks from there.

Katie J said...

Awesome lost Simone! What a great way to start the weekend!

MackAttack said...

Yay! You lost weight! Woohoo! That is a super cute picture, love it.

antgirl said...

You look very happy in that picture. Happiness is your color, baby!

Mmmm. German beer.

Wooooot woooooot on the 3 lbs gone. Fantastic!

Dree said...

Congratulations on your loss!! I love the picture too, it sounds like it was a great time!

Losing Waist! said...

Kick those pounds in the balls! Done. Fuckyou pounds!

Fat[free]Me said...

Now that's what I call a weight loss!

LessMass, now that is what I call a snappy title.

German beer. Now that's what I call a drink!

Mwah! X

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Congrats on your loss and happy attitude! Go Simone!