Tuesday, 19 January 2010

bad times!

You may remember that I tried to start my mother on the blogging track.
Turns out it wasn't for her.

Today she is having a gastric bypass. Infact she is in surgery right now.
I feel sick we are waiting for the call to say she's ok. Very nervous times.

We went to see her at 7am this morning before she went down. She was soooo scared. She cried. It was hard to leave her. We won't see her again til at least 5pm tonight.

On the way back from the hospital I had a bacon and egg macmuffin.
Last night before I got the train home I had an entire cheese and garlic and chicken pizza to my self. Two snickers. Two toffee nut bars. Two bottles of sugary pop. NO EXCUSES. I JUST WENT FOR IT. Last night in bed I actually felt sick. Still do. Though I am not sure if its from the food or waiting for the call.

Bad times.
I probably won't be around this much this week to blog. Catch you laters.


F. McButter Pants said...

My Dear Sweet Friend,

KNOCK IT OFF! Get right back on the wagon, missus. Show your mom that you can loose weight without the bypass.

Show her who's the boss....lol. I love ya and will keep your fmily in my thoughts.

SeaShore said...

Sending out good thoughts to you & your mom. Take care of yourself.

Learning to be Less said...

Stress eating...it happens. Just turn it around now. Eating crap isn't really gonna make you stop worrying about your Mum, it just occupies time. These procedures are fairly routine anymore so I am sure she will be fine.

Is it hard for you to lose weight the hard way while she is having the surgery?

I don't think that surgery is an easy way out because if you do not change your habits, it comes back. However, I think the initial dropping of pounds is easier. I am not sure how I would feel about that.

Either way, you are strong enough to keep on your path to good health. Just get back to it. Go for a walk today (and everyday).

Fat[free]Me said...

(((hugs))). She is in good hands and this will probably save her life, so it is worth the fretting and worrying you are going through now as she will get healthier and fitter after this.

I am with FMcBP - let her see how it is done without surgery!

Keep us posted on how she is this evening, please!

spunkysuzi said...

Sending positive thoughts your way today!
But remember if you don't look after yourself first getting anything accomplished will be twice as hard!!

Alexia said...

My prayers with with you and your mom. Be well - I know it seems to make everything better, but stress eating doesn't help.

arielcircleofnine said...

Hang in there friend...here's a big warm hug for you. Know that I'll be thinking of you (and your mom). Emotional/stress eating is one of my biggest pitfalls and I do understand it! Once Mom is home, you'll turn it around (that means very little time left with those toffee bars doesnt it?!! she'll be home very soon)
love to you

anne h said...

Since I started my weight-loss, when I get nervous, I CAN'T eat. I might go for days. People actually remind me to eat. *sigh*
About the candy and stuff - be cool and patient with yourself - in a firm way!

Carlos said...

hang in there... I hope your mom does well... and put the food down! kidding(sort of)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hope your mom's ok!!!

Sending you all my love and empathy (I had cake again last night...and frozen yogurt...and an entire plate of nachos). If you want to talk you know my e-mail addy, or hit me up on fb.

TJ said...

Hope all is well with your mom! But Im gonna be on F. McButter Pants's team here and say KNOCK IT OFF TOO! (((with hugs)))

Katie J said...

Hang in there Simone! She is in good hands and will come through this with flying colors.

Please try not to sabatoge yourself with all those yucky foods. You need to be strong for her too.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

P.S. I did give you a blog award

antgirl said...

My prayers for your mother's quick recovery.

Find a less self-destructive way to cope and express your feelings. Dart board?

I leave you award [s]. Take as many as you like.

MackAttack said...

I think I saw on facebook that your mom is doing well. I know how you feel though. When my mom had a stroke I freaked and ate like S^&*^. then my sister reminded me that it was eating like crap that put my mom in that situation. It's so hard. but it's so worth it.

Blossom said...

Good thoughts to your mom!

Chrissie said...

Thinking of you both - I'm sure it will be fine. She's made a brave choice, I'm not surprised you and she are scared by it, but I'm sure once she's recovering you'll both be glad she did it.
Look after her - and look after yourself too!