Friday, 1 January 2010

A new year and all that jazz!

[the picture: my knickers are the black ones. the small patterned ones are my flatmates. embarrassing or what? my knickers are beyond Bridget Jones style. Long live marks and spencers!]

I vow to post everyday! I can still have a busy social life and blog. *nods*


I have a lot to frickin' say but its 11.23pm currently and I have a looooooonnnnng busy day tomorrow I shall have to keep it short. Those of you are on my facebook will know that I am an awesome christmas and a great new year.... unfortunately the diet/lifestyle change/healthy living what ever I was doing went right out of the window.. along with blogging. But never fear fellow bloggers I am back and I am gonna rock 2010. DONKEY KONG STYLE.

A lot of you guys helped me out behind the blogging scenes and I am eternally grateful for that. Love you! See? I am an emotional wreck.

Before christmas I was posting a pic of me everyday to motivate me. This worked til I stopped blogging so I am getting back on that. Because I need such a kick up the arse I am posting my reasons why I am losing the fat. I haven't done it before because I was embarrassed but I feel I need this smack in the face to send me on my way. so here goes...

(in no particular order) lol some are self explanatory some need the reasons!

1. to not have fat sex anymore. I enjoy sex immensely don't get me wrong but I hate feeling like a whale. I want to more un-inhibited in the bedroom department. not buy clothes from the one fat shop i can currently only fit into. this sucks for many reasons. be able to wear a dress without first wearing it over jeans. sit fearlessly on plastic furniture!

5. to not worry that I am going to have a heart attack when doing simple tasks. i.e walking up a flight of stairs

6. to wear a bikini and not cringe give up my seat belt extension on aeroplanes. i actually did this last year but the regain is sure to have cancelled it out.

8. to tie my shoelaces effortlessly. i hate not bending fully 'cause of my enormous stomach.

9. to avoid going out with friends/social situations because i think i am too fat and unworthy because of it wear a proper pair of nice boots that fit my fat calves! eat in public comfortably and not be thinking that everyone is watching and judging what i eat because i am fat. like myself naked. wear sleeveless tops and be constantly embarrassed by the bingo wings!

14. to cross my legs and not have my big fat knee practically hit me in the chin! not get stuck in turnstiles not have my thighs chafe jump on a trampoline and not feel like the biggest jelly in the world

18. to have a normal blood pressure cuff. i hate it when they dont fit and the nurse asks some one else for the extra large one.

19. not to be the fattest in my friend group

20. to get rid of all my unflattering fat clothes

21. to be allowed on ALL rollercoasters. too many embarrassing attempts...

22. for my belly not to over hang my jeans like a balcony.

23. to swap clothes with my sister.

24. to not avoid full body photos where ever possible

25. to not have to buy clothes with elastic waistlines. kneel for longer. it kills me now... not use my weight as an excuse to live life bend in public

29. to have room to walk up the stairs when someone else is and not have to let them pass.

30. to go shopping with my friends and get excited not depressed because i am ten sizes bigger than they are.

31. for my bra not to create hideous lumps

32. to not have my belly stick out further than my boobs

33. to not breathe heavy

35. to live longer

36. to only have one chin not have fat spots have more energy

I could probably think of more. some are similar but they ARE different. slightly.
ok now its almost midnight. I best go. I still have lots of catching up to do.

ps. i have a really nasty ear infection and my period thats been missing for a while finally turned up on new years eve!


twinkelydots said...

I love all your reasons. BUt may I say fat sex is better than no sex? Just sayin'.

I'm coming back to blogworld, too. I think about you & am glad to see you around.

Learning to be Less said...

Girl I have missed you. I gotta say this post brings me back. I have not thought of those things in a while. But I used to think those same things. I do not anymore but I remember now when I did. Things change with weight loss. You can do it!

Wishing on a star said...

wow, I can totally relate your list. Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

LOL- love your list!! I'm here to rock 2010 with ya chicky!!
Nice to have you back :)

Happy 2010!

CactusFreek said...

Great list! I'm with you, this year is it! Messege me with your name so i can add you on facebook :o)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I'm proud of you for coming back love. So proud!

As for your list, I felt each and every one of those pains...still do sometimes. Remember, please, it's going to take time! So just keep on givin 'er sugar.

Val said...

Yay!! I love donkey kong style!! sit fearlessly on plastic furniture!-girl I hear ya! It's like slow-mo, sitting slow, praying I don't hear anything crack while I back up on this rickety ass chair. NO FUN!
This is your year baby girl!! You got this!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one.....To remember how beautiful you are!

Alexia said...

Ahhhh. You're painfully honest as always. And funny, too! I've missed you. Best wishes this year!

MackAttack said...

awesome list! I'm with you on the pic of the panties. you should see my pants compared to my husbands pants....can't wait till there is less of a difference!