Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bad bad bad sister!

This is my brother and sister.
Last night I went the movies with my brother.
I love him but....
He is 18 years old and weighs about 27 stone ( about 380 pounds)
He could not fit in the cinema chair properly and preceeded to whine all the time.
He shoveled down his popcorn like no ones business. At one point I couldn't even hear the film because he was making so much noise with the popcorn and slurping is ginormous drink. I am not even joking. People in the rows around us were looking to see who was making all the noise. He literally hadn't eaten one handful of popcorn before he scooped up the next. Spilling it every where. At another point he just sat and ate the popcorn off his chest. He burped once and it was an almost throw up burp because he was eating so quick.
I was so embarrassed. I know that is bad. But he was so loud and animal like at eating it. It was bad. Actually what I was most embarassed at was I kept thinking is that what I used to be like when I ordered my popcorn and scoffed it down? Did people stare at me like that? It just made me inwardly cringe. And has actively putting me off eating food at the cinema for life.
I am a bad person I know. But I am being honest.


CactusFreek said...

You're not bad so stop that! Why was he eating like that? Doesn't he have any shame? I bet you didn't eat like that. He sounds like he just doesn't care if people think he's a pig. I felt sick just reading that.
Talking about it doesn't make you a bad sister, just a socialy conciouse[SP?] one :o)

CJ said...

maybe you could tell him how embarrassed you were. That way maybe he could change his ways?

Alexia said...

Good grief. I don't know what to say!
Clearly he's a big boy! Does he want to lose the weight? Men lose weight so easily compared to us! I saw my ex yesterday and he lost another 5 pounds! I couldn't stop telling him how amazing he looked!
Anywho, talk to your brother? Is he one who listens?


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You're not a bad person, at all. Do you not remember my I'm a hater and I suck at life rant? I hope your journey inspires him to get healthy.

<3 you Simone.

antgirl said...

Well, he is a guy. They just don't care the same way we do about that stuff. He's probably unaware and if he were, he probably doesn't care a whole lot.

If you talk to him, approach it from a place of love and respect.

It doesn't make you bad.

<3 to ya Simone!

arielcircleofnine said...

dang now thats some popcorn lovin!!! Maybe you could invent a feed bag with a built-in silencer on the end? hehehe....dont feel guilty, but do talk to your bro. Its unfair but true, he could probably drop a bunch of weight making tiny little changes in his ways!

MackAttack said...

you react the same way I do. I read this and wondered to myself, if I've been like that. You are being a great role model for your brother, when it's time he'll see how important it is to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

Skitterbox said...

I went to see Avatar on sunday and it's a 2.5 hour flick. and we went to the one that runs over lunch. i took a pear, banana and some almonds so i could eat healthy but quietly and without smelling up the place with a sandwich. but there were people there just chugging back the pop, popcorn, and chocolate. 2000 calorie binge fests. people do this regularly at the movies. like those calories don't count because you ingested them in the dark whilst eating mindlessly. it took a long time for me to realize i don't have to "get food" when i arrive at the theatre. "get food" for what? to keep up my strength while I sit?