Saturday, 13 February 2010

Home sweet home!

Home sweet home! I actually have missed home! I love Manchester and do wanna live there permantly but right now home with my family seems so needed. I've practically only been here 24 hours and my whole mood/ well being has changed. FOR THE BETTER.My swollen glands are no longer swollen. I usually get all freaked out about food and family stresses but so far none.

I did have a mini slip last night though. I made the mistake of not having lunch and catching train home straight after lecture so by the time I got home at 4pm I was ravenous. I had two ham sandwiches. (not with my usual low fat spread, they don't have it) That was fine and all calorie counted but by 10pm I was hungry again. Not a good time to eat. My sister works in a Chinese takeout. My favouritest Chinese in the entire world. Instead of making something healthy... (they have bought my own food) I ate half of her Chinese food she brought home. It would not have taken me long to make something healthy... After I did a solid 43 minutes on the wii fit and chugged water like no ones business.

Today I went shopping with my sister. It was really good! I usually hate shopping generally because I can only fit into one shops stuff. NOT ANY LONGER. I actually have options! I bought a really nice shirt for £8. Bargain. Plus I walked my arse off wandering round the town. But this is what I have to contend with tomorrow!
My sisters Birthday!
This is her 'cake'!


MackAttack said...

yay for family! I love the cake, it's really awesome.

arielcircleofnine said...

thats an adorable cake. and its not too big hey? least there shouldnt be leftovers hanging around tempting you all week long!!!!
I love when you post pics of the clothes you have found, even if they are usually undies! Whats the new shirt like? :=)

Anonymous said...

That cake is soo cute!

antgirl said...

That is a really cute cake.

Yeah on having options! It's great when that starts. Really helped to keep me motivated. Still does. I don't want to restock the wardrobe in bigger sizes.

Enjoy your weekend. Get some TLC. How sweet of your family to provision for your home coming. Take advantage of their kindness. :D