Thursday, 11 February 2010

mundane update

I am ill and it is sucky. I went to bed at like 9.30pm. That is pretty early for me. So I was up at like 6am.... (been awake two hours) and I am already exhausted. There is so much to do today. I am going home for a little while. Hopefully my mamabear will take good care of me. Speaking of my mamabear she has lost a stone already. And everyone is talking about her. So it will be good to catch up. It is my sisters 21st birthday so bring on the party food.... bah.

I recently discovered the amazingness that is Glee. Had a lot of catching up to do... I studied while I watched though. Honest.

Even though I was feeling like a bag of crap this week I have been wii fitting in between studying/watching Glee. Last night I even went back to the boxing. Good times. Because I sneaky weighed this morning and I am on for a loss despite the bad food I had while out with friends this week.

Guy number one: wanted to meet this week but I was too ill and now hes off to Cyprus for two weeks so....

Guy number two: got in touch with me last night to arrange another date. Explained I was ill and that I was going home. He said he was busy with school (literally, he's training to be a teacher and is in placement at local school). We decided actually between both our schedules its just not the right time for us. so bye to guy number two!

Guy number three: Was meant to see him tonight but I am way too ill :( this is the second time I have rescheduled on him so I hope he's very forgiving.


Joy said...

Ugh, hope you feel better soon. My lot are all grotty poorly too. Not fun. =(

Enjoy your time at home.

CJ said...

I like your blog. Its refreshing!

Hope you feel better. Have fun at your sis's b'day.

CactusFreek said...

I'm sick too. Hope i didn't catch it from your blog! lol

Send guy number 3 a 'don't give up' card? Or maybe you could have a phone or chat date?

I hope you feel better after being at your Mums [Go her for losing a stone too!]Mum's have a way of making us feel better :o) I miss my Mum :o/

Alexia said...

Feel better! And look at you, having guy options! Pass on your skills to me, please?!

TJ said...

Feel better soon my far away wild fluffy sheep! XOXO

arielcircleofnine said...

Feel better soon!!! and the men will be waiting once you do!

(ps thanks for the gym encouragement, we joined today!)

antgirl said...

Get better! I will try to come up with some inspiring graffiti for you. :)

Good going on the workouts. Keep it up! I been punching, too. Got meself in the face. Ouch. LOL

MackAttack said...

oh no! Get better! Hope that you have fun at home and the right date sticks around :)