Friday, 5 February 2010

My friday feeling is missing...

February has become significant because (did I already mention this?) that if I lose two pounds a week by feb next year I will be at goal. Achievable? I don't know but I'm going for it. Also I've put up a weightloss chart to inspire progress. It is on the kitchen door....

Current weight: 19 stones 5 pounds (271 lbs)
Previous weight: 19 stones 7 pounds (273 lbs)
Highest weight: 21 stones 3 pounds (297 lbs)
Weight loss this week: 2 lbs
Total weight lost: 1 stone 12lbs (26 lbs)

Pulled off a two pound loss. Woot. Though during the week I sneaky weighed and was down 3 so boooo. That might teach me to sneaky weigh. Probably not but the thought's there! I managed to cycle twice and swim this week so that is all good :D

Today instead of taking the lift (elevator) I walked up and down six flights of stairs twice. *high fives* Feel like I have energy today. At uni til 4. Just on my lunchbreak.
I want to look forward to the weekend... Chippendales tomorrow night ;) Ice Hockey on sunday also another date.... but I can't muster any excitement. :(
Second date of yesterday was cancelled. He tried to rearrange for earlier that day but that wasn't any good for me. So it will be next week. lol. you nosey folk... the first date was quiet drinks in my local pub... we only had one. I had a gin and tonic. We talked for like three hours and it seemed to go well. so thats guy number 2.
number one said lets go out next week but won't confirm when. Like I said I am not chasing him....
Date number three with new guy is on Sunday afternoon before the hockey... we're going to have coffee. :)
that is all.


jessi said...

hello dear . . . . long time no chat! I'm totally with you on the one year thing . . .that will be me come april. I am trying for april of next year to be at goal. Good luck with the dates!

antgirl said...

Kudos on the reasonable goal. You are going to kick it. Next year you'll be talking about your new wardrobe and all the dates you've had to chase off. :)

No excitement? I've got a bit to spare. For you!

Enjoy the dates!

MackAttack said...

woohoo! Your stock is up! (dating stock it is) Congrats on the loss!

Alexia said...

Totally achievable!
And you're love life is insane! (Mine is non-existent. Still not over my ex.)

CactusFreek said...

Another nice, tidy loss!
Good on you for those stairs. My knees would collapse at the mere thought of doing that! So go you! *High five*

Where are you finding these guys??
Were you not excited about the hockey or the second date?
I hope one of these guys turns out to be the "one". And i totally expect a wedding invite!

CactusFreek said...

Aawww Alexia :o/ {{hugs}}

SeaShore said...

Well done on taking the stairs!

Congrats on the loss :)