Saturday, 3 April 2010

same old shit

The last few days have been bad.
No blogging. No tracking. No caring.

I hate not caring. It can lead quite easily to that slippery slope of MASSIVE GAIN.

But on a small positive. Chugging the water. Went for a loooooooong bike ride. Tracking again.

That's a positive, right?


anne h said...

ok. Let's get this party started.
Contestant number one...
(that's you...)
What kind of bike do you have?
(Sorry I don't remember right now!)
Do you like it?
Any difficulties or regrets?

And second, good one the water - that's at least a good start!

cmoursler said...


CactusFreek said...

At least you are doing something.

M Pax said...

I suck at the water, so you've got me beat there.

Ooo! A party, Anne? Bike party? I want a pink scooter. A vespa type scooter. Wouldn't I look cute?

Katie J said...

I totally suck at water so you got me there too. Get back on it girlie.

We need to step it up a notch - you and me and get the numbers going down again. I am SICK of gaining and losing the same damn 5 lbs. over and over again. WE CAN DO THIS SIMONE!!!