Tuesday, 29 June 2010


For those of you who befriended me on facebook (some who wanted to wash my mouth out with soap ;) ) I spend a lot of time on there but I haven't been blogging. I should have been. My eating this weekend was atrocious. DISGUSTING. I grazed and just inhaled everything in sight.

I have a truck load of excuses. None of them worthy.
I do hate being fat. And thanks for the messages y.day.


On a shameful note I am now weighing in with the nurse. I skipped my appointment today because I couldn't face her. One week in and I was sure to gain. EMBARRASSMENT.


TJ said...

Be strong Simone. I wish I could go with ya to the appointment! xoxo

F. McButter Pants said...

My sweet Simone~

You can do this. You can! Get a buddy to help ya out. If it wasn't for my walking buddies I would have stopped walking along time ago.

big puffy heart hug!

Katie J said...

No one said it would be easy but it is SO worth it. Hang in there lovey. Face it head on and move forward. I assure you tomorrow will be a better day.

Miz said...

xo xo as well.

perhaps an in real life person to come with you?
if only we could harness all the support you have here in the blogworld and come along...


M Pax said...

Well, I did less than stellar on my vacation. I did walk a lot and got exercise in almost everyday, but I ate a lot of things I normally don't. Like desserts. I had three of them. I think my quota is done until Christmas.

To get different results, you have to do something different. So be brave. Start small. Pick one thing to change you can live with. One. Concentrate on succeeding with that. Perhaps something simple like eating one healthy, balanced meal a day. One. Go out for a walk every day. Nothing strenuous. Start with a mile. Don't kill yourself. Just have the intent to get some exercise consistently.

A change in habit is what you want. And attitude. Even though I had some decadent treats while away, I don't want to eat like that all the time. Once in a blue moon is OK. But it's not how I prefer to eat anymore.

Gads! I feel like I gained weight. I'm sure I did. I'm afraid to try on my jeans and find out. Good news is, I will work it off by end of July. I'm sure.