Monday, 5 July 2010

woo wii!

This is me not eating a big piece of bread for breakfast. YUM. Yoghurt, crisp bread and strawberries. I am trying to change up breakfasts!

Breakfast change number two! A stuffed mushroom filled with onions, peppers and grilled bacon topped with cheese. It looks like a lot of cheese but its not.. all weighed and accounted for!

I think I mentioned my mother had a gastric bypass. She's lost like 7 stone (100 pounds) she lost half of it before the surgery but its awesome. She has so much energy its unbelievable. We wii-fitted for an hour together last night. She could never ever do that before. It's great to finally have a wii buddy! We also walked the dog for an hour in the morning. I bought her a pedometer months ago and now we are racing to see who gets to 10k steps first! Just what I need!


Scuttleboose said...

Wow - amazing mom! :) Do you find the wii fit something that you do often and get results? It seems silly to buy the whole system for just the game but it sounds like so much fun :)

HopeFool said...

Breakfast looks yummy. How fun for you & your mom to Wii together.

F. McButter Pants said...

Go Mum! High fives on shaking things up!

Miz said...

Go Yer MAMA!

and I need to use our wii :)
Id say more but its MORE honestly EVER.

husband bought it and, well, he's not using either.

this week.

I totally shall starting this week.

I hope :)


M Pax said...

Yaaay! Glad you've got some support. That should help you keep at it, Simone.