Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Doctor's verdict....

He told me to go to weight watchers.
No wonder I am depressed I am obese and out of work. Most obese people are depressed.

Yes. There will be tears and it is hard but you just have to do it.
Just push through the mood swings and tiredness.
Use the motivation of being skinny to propel me forward.

If I feel hungry have a glass of water and tell myself I'm not.


Carly said...

What a rubbish doctor... poor you :/ Did he give you any real help? Antidepressants if you want them? Numbers for free counselling services? Slimming World vouchers? If you live in the UK you should definitely change doctors and see someone who can give you real support xx

Alexia said...

now, i don't know if i necessarily agree with the person above. she writes, "did he give you any real help?"
i'm not sure what kind of doctor this is, but i'm assuming that he is a regular physician, the kind that one would go to for check-ups and stuff? in my experience and from what medical professionals have told me and haven't told me, the doctor i'm assuming you saw is probably not qualified/trained to deal with obesity/nutrition/etc. what he told you is exactly what i would expect him to tell you. he isn't a nutritionist/therapist/etc.
here's a stretch, but it's kind of like going to a gynecologist for a heart problem. yes, she can probably give you some general information, but probably not any of the help you need.

Alexia said...

so i guess my question is, what were you hoping he'd say, simone? do you really think you're depressed? i always like to say that i'm depressed, but i'm probably not. depression is much darker/intense than many people realize. love! always pulling for ya.

Carly said...

Alexia, my understanding of doctors (general practitioners) in the UK is that they have a good all round knowledge of well being including physical health, nutrition and mental health.

In my personal experience, I have received a lot of help and advice from my doctor in relation to depression, including numbers for counselling schemes (should it be needed) as well as helpful websites and books.

I guess it depends on the doctor though, and on the patients symptoms....

Hopefully none of the above sounds snarky... I don't always have the ability to convey emotion in what I write! :) x

Life as a Caterpillar said...

Hi Carly and Alexia

In my experience, as someone who has been overweight for many , many years, and turned to my GP for help on a number of occasions, they do have rules to follow.

My GP explained to me a few years back that they have to see a person lose 10% of their body weighT on their own before any further options will be discussed. This is standard practice before perscribing any slimming tablets or referring for a consultation for surgery.

This is most likely why he has recommended Weightwatchers.

Simone, I have just joined myself, and i am so pleased with my progress.

Please, please think of giving this a go. I would love to hear your next post to say 'I joined WW, lost 10lbs and went back and told my doctor about it'. Some surgeries have links with local gyms and lesiures centres and i was given a 3 month free pass for my local lesiure centre by my GP, BUT only after i'd lost the first bit of weight myself and shown him that i mean business.

Good luck, please keep your spirits up and KNOW that you are capable of this. Go do it!


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Ps, one other thing, i know that people who don't have a problem with food or have never been overweight, like me, do not understand what we go through. This may be another reason you felt your doc wasn't sympathetic. If he is looking at it from that viewpoint, he's not seeing what you feel. I know. A nurse once gave me my notes to hold whilst i waited for my consultation. On the front page, my GP had written 'Very pleasant but extremely morbidly obese young woman'. Now, i knew that was true, but it still broke my heart to think that all he could see me as was a fattie. I am, and YOU ARE so much more than that!!!!



Finding The Thin Within said...

Unfotunately it sounds like he gave you a hard dose of the truth. My doctor is very similar. He just doesn't deal with my set of issues and the emotional problems that sometimes occur because of them. Last time I was in, he gave me a 1500 calorie diet page and said eat this and you'll lose weight. I about laughed. Oh yea, if only it were that simlpe. So much more goes into it. But, honey, the main point is true. For us all to lose weight we have to suck it up, eat less and exercise more. Hope you can find something that will work for you...and don't ever think that you can't do it because we are capapble of great things when we put our minds to it and have support (from awesome bloggers like these here who have commented, haha)

<3 Katie

Fat Girl vs. World said...

In the interim, try taking some vitamin D and getting some sun. It might help give you a little boost during the depression.

But there are many types of depression -- live with it, try to understand it, invite it into your heart and tend to it.

You will get through its. This too will pass.

Blossom said...

Doctors can be real asses sometimes. And many don't understand real weight struggles. You have to be forceful and take your own health into your hands. If you need something (i.e. anti-depressants) make sure you get it! I just had gastric banding surgery, and my primary care physician doesn't even know yet. She'll be shocked when I go for my annual in October. But her last words to me on my weight were "well you function pretty well so keep doing what you're doing". Yeah that got me up to 260+lbs! F-you doc. I'll do what I need to for myself. You can too hun!!!

Katie J said...

Try not to let it overwhelm you Simone. I like the saying we can all eat an elephant but it is still one bite at a time.

I deal with both issues and they are somewhat interelated. Weight has caused some of the depression but the depression is still there regardless.

I don't know how the healthcare system works in the UK but I would tap into whatever resources are available to treat both issues.

We love you sweetheart and want nothing more then for you to be a healthy and happy young woman!


Eat and be Merry! said...

Hey I just ran across your blog and was looking for some advice. I am a new blogger and actually am starting to blog about my weight loss journey – I loved your blog. I will follow you and would love it if you can do the same and maybe send me some advice weather it be on blogging or weight loss (what a damn struggle).....Thanks so much.


Desperate Diva said...

"Push through it"? What sound advice, I hope you pushed through him!

M Pax said...

If you can get help with the big D, do so. It will help you with your other battles. I tackled a lot of the D before seriously going after my weight / health issues. I conquered both.

My miserable life became one I love. So, you don't have to remain miserable. There is a way out and you can live happily ever after.

Find something to turn your thoughts to something more positive. That's what i started with. For me, it was writing. It was an escape and a way to rewire my thinking.

It's a slow process and often a long one - pulling yourself up out of all that. But you can do it. I'm here cheering for you, always.

xxoo, Mary

Val said...

:( That's not entirely constructive. My dr recommended WW too but. . . in a more kindly way?
As far as dismissing your depression-NO BUENO. Obesity is not necessarily a cause for depression. Depression needs to be taken seriously.
Good luck hun...Hope you feel better soon

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

it was a doctor that got me to lose 60 pounds, so it can be the swift kick in the butt that I needed.

Girlie said...

You can do this! Best of luck darling!

arielcircleofnine said...

glad that doc makes the big-bucks. He's a genious, and so sensitive! UGH!!! I think he gave you a WAYYY over-ly simplified version of the truth. Right now Im counting net carbs and not calories, and I find it SO much easier to stick to plan when Im not famished. Just a personal thing--so far so good!!! Sending you a big hug, depression hits us all to varying degrees and its always painful. (((Simone)))