Sunday, 12 June 2011

The return of the fatty

Well hello there...

I am officially back on the internet. I am officially back to blogging. I am officially fatter than ever.

Today I used the worst excuse ever.
This is how the conversation went:

Mother: Are you going to back to your weightwatchers meeting?
Me: UM no, not til I lose some weight
Mother: ok then

Then I took a step back and realised what I just said. I can't go to back to weightwatchers because I need to lose weight first! Seriously how fucked up is that. W.w is the one place I need to go to stay on track and lose weight. What a ridiculous statement. I think this made me realise all of the excuses I have been using of late is bull shit. I need to step up and deal with all the reasons why I am avoiding losing the weight.

But I have now reached the point where my weight is hurting me. I never really had weight related problems before but now my back hurts, I can barely walk long distances with out being short of breath, I think it is the reason I am not sleeping properly, I can barely fit in my work uniform (and I have hit the biggest size before I have to have one specially made) and I just feel utterly miserable and have reverted to back to being a hermit.

Enough for today! Need to ease my way into the blogging business!


safire said...

Welcome back and good luck with everything!

Losing 100 said...

Woot! Lets kick the second half of 2011's ass!!
We all make excuses. A few weeks back, i bought some donuts at Donut King, telling myself that 1 was for me, and the rest were for others when i got home. But i knew even when i thought that, that i would devour then the minute i got to the car! It's part of the disease.
Decide today to be honest :o)

F. McButter Pants said...

I puffy heart love you. Stick around! I have gained too. I can't post on blogger. So hopefuly I will be back blogging soon.


Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've been missing you!

Debby said...

Yay! Welcome back!

Go back to WW pronto. You don't want to lose weight and not get credit for it...geezzzz! lol

I went back last week. Join me!

arielcircleofnine said...

So glad to see you back! Looking forward to reading your posts and fighting the battle of the bulge together again :-)

jo said...

Welcome back. What's that old saying, Life's a bitch? (and then you marry one, my husband would add. lol) It's hard, but give it a go. You're too young and beautiful to be having aches and pains and all the struggles that come with weight. I'll cheer you on!

Val said...

Aww I've missed your posts-you have a way of cutting through the BS.

Keep blogging chica!


Learning to be Less said...

Girl, I have missed you!!! I am trying to get back to it too!! What have I missed?

Katie J said...

What are you up to Simone? Did you make it to a meeting?

Katie J said...

It has been a month since you posted. I am going to hunt you down young lady!