Thursday, 19 February 2009

the dread weigh in...

.... went well. Lost another THREE POUNDS. However, it was not a smooth weigh in. Last night I thought I'd casually just quickly check my weight. Not fun. It was really stupid as I had just eaten as well. I was gutted and feared the worst for today. In retrospect I shouldn't have done the pre weigh the night before but I wanted a loss so badly because I've been exercising more this week. But my exercise this week HAS paid off even though I thought it was soooo little. It shows that that all the little bits add up.

Needless to say I am beaming and have a large ounce of energy in my step today. My mam also sported a weightloss this week. Even though I whinged yesterday about not bullying my family into losing weight I think my 'encouragement' has rubbed off on my mam because she too exercised more than usual this week.

However once I got off the scales my first thought was oooooo I've been so good I could treat myself to some pizza.... but its never just some.... its ENORMOUS AMOUNTS. *banishes the thought*


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Congrats on the loss! Well done! There you go, hard work paying off :)

Ah, the post weigh-in treat. That's a very hard temptation to fight off. At this stage, maybe not the best thing, especially if you recognise that you probably won't be able to stop at some.

Personally, and really, this is just me, but I always have a post weigh-in treat. But for me, I know it's just one meal, and that I'm right back on track the next day. It's not so much a post weigh-in treat as it is a weekly treat which just happens to fall on the day of my weigh-in :) This past Monday (you're going to kill me) I had pizza :D

Allison said...

Congrats on the three-pound loss!
And I agree with Fat Lazy Guy on the post weigh-in treat. It might be best to put it off for a while.
It's so easy to let it snowball and wind up right where you were before, weight-wise, without even realizing that you're doing that. I know deprivation isn't always the best thing, but there is that saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And even though that refers more to personal relationships with people, rather than relationships with food, it could go that way. As in, if you deprive yourself of whatever it is you want for a while, when you do finally partake in that goody, it'll be that much sweeter (or cheesier, if it's pizza). And you will feel as if you have really earned the right to that treat.
And hopefully, with a little self-induced deprivation, and with the knowledge that it's not permanent deprivation, as in I can't ever eat this again, you'll be able to eat slower, enjoy the treat, and not overdo it. Let's hope it would work that way, anyway. :)

Tony said...

3 pounds is awesome! I totally understand the feeling of wanting to sabotage yourself after losing some weight.

It's great that you are encouraging your family to lose weight as well.

Christy said...

Congratulations on the 3 lb loss!! It's always a nice feeling to see the number on the scale go down :)

Amy said...

I just thought I would let you know about a website I use for my weigh-ins. I do a daily weigh-in in the morning and enter the info into the website. It gives you a trend line so that you can see if you are gaining or losing. I found that it took most of the stress out of weigh ins because you can see that even if you are up for a day in general you are losing. I find it a great motivator.

Carlos said...

hot damn! way to go! looks like all your hard work is paying off

CactusFreek said...

Awesome loss!
NEVER reward yourself with food, EVER! Especialy after a weight loss!!

wildfluffysheep said...

Thank you very much! It feels soooo good when hard work actually pays off. I must remember how this feels to motivate me again this week.

The last time I did this diet (got two a 28 loss then gave up) I always had a post weigh in treat and I still lost every week. So I've made a concious decision to keep it up.

Thankyou. I really wish that I read all your posts before I left to meet my sister. It might have been best to postpone the weigh in treat as it is very early on in my journey but I just couldn't say no to the pizza.

You are so right about it being easy to snowball but right now I feel I have it under control. The screaming urge for pizza has deserted me, well at least for now. As for the deprivation thing I have been pretty strict. No sweets, no sugary drinks, no cheese and no bread. My main chinks in my armour.

Thankyou very much. Those three pounds really feel like the world is momentarily off my shoulders. I did give way to the hungry pizza monster....but I'm trying not to think of it as sabotage but as scratching my pizza itch. :D my family are definitely a work in progress.

Thank you very much. I do wish I could bottle the feeling of a good weightloss.

Thanks for the advice. I might try it for a little while but usually as a rule I am a firm believer in the once a week weigh in. But it might de-stress me to see the pattern of weight fluctuating rather than having random odd timed weigh ins.

Hot damn indeedy, my friend! Just have to keep it up now!

:( too late! I cracked and fed the pizza beast.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Ugh, when people say "NEVER", it really gets on my nerve. If you can handle it, then do reward yourself with food. It's all about your personal limits.