Wednesday, 18 February 2009

lots of learning

I have actually learnt a few little things today which makes me feel great. From going to no exercise to lots of exercise my body is definitely feeling the strain but when I when I was cycling earlier I was aiming for a kilometre. I figured it sounded like a nice easy figure to target. But half way my hip started to really hurt and instead of listening to my body I went on and did the kilometre anyway. Stupidly. 'Cause my hip hurt for hours afterwards... I realised that just like my food intake, exercise needs moderation. I felt much more comfy doing the half kilometre all week and should have continued with that much longer til I felt ready for more. So now I will do it in stages, so yes half a kilometre at a time doesn't sound like a lot but it DOES feel like it and I have to respect that.

When I was eating dinner tonight something my mam mentioned before about something she saw on the Paul McKenna show (hes the hypnotherapist guy) made me think. He suggests that after every mouthful of food you put down both your knife and fork on the table and only pick them up when your mouthful of food is completely swallowed. I did it for the entirety of meal. I realised several things:

one. before I started doing it I always had my next mouthful perched on my fork before I'd finished chewing. Guaranteeing that I would eat it even if I was full.

two. It made me chew properly and think about how automatic it is to just shovel in food.

three. I was full before I even realised and that allowing that small amount of time between bites made a difference.

four. I actually left something utterly delicious on my plate and had no desire to scoff it down because it would be wasted.

Also I realised that because I have started my weightloss journey my family should start theirs. I think this week I have been too pushy and overly rude about it. I guess they will start their journey when they are ready and not when I bully them into it. All I know is that they will definitely benefit from it like I am and right now I like how I am going along. It has sooooo many benefits.


Christy said...

That's actually a really good idea about putting the knife and fork down. I'd never thought of that before, but I think I'm going to start doing that!!

Tony said...

great idea. I tend to scarf my food down without even taking a second to chew it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've ever heard of or read the Beck Diet book but she suggests always eating only at the table. Never in front of the tv or standing, as well as putting down your utensils between bites. It's hard! I try and do it as well and it takes a long while until it becomes habbit but I swear by it. It makes me enjoy my food and feel more satisfied =)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Yeah. That was one thing that held me back as far as exercise goes, wanting to do more, but realising I couldn't. But that's good that you're going to go in stages. And there's nothing wrong with pushing yourself from time to time.

And that's an interesting idea with the eating and that. I don't think I'd be able to do that, but it makes sense.

megha said...

I agree as everybody say your digestion starts in your mouth.


wildfluffysheep said...

@ Christy
I do think its a good idea. Goodluck with it. Works for me :D

Yep. I scarf too... well not anymore.

No I've never heard of that book but I will go off and investigate. I must admit when I'm not at my familys house I do not eat at the table. I do have a table so maybe I should.

Definitely exercise in moderation, my friend. Better to be safe than sorry. Maybe you should give the knife and fork thing ago. I mean its not the end of the world if itd not for you.

Thats really interesting. Never really thought of digestions as starting in the mouth.