Tuesday, 17 February 2009

blogging and blah

I am trying to get in the habit to blog everyday so that I don't lose focus and give up. But earlier today I was telling Carlos (if someone should be reading this post, check out his blog) that I had a blogging block and couldn't even think of anything worthwhile to say. That all changed when my lovely mam suggested I cook one of my healthy meals for the entire family. At first I was like, nooooooooo way I barely survive cooking for myself. However she was tired and my dad is ill so I thought I'll keep it very simple... I went with sausage and pasta combo. Whole meal pasta, low fat sausage and yummy Italian chilli and tomato sauce. THEY LOVED IT. That made me feel pretty good. They're not sooooo much about the healthy eating right now, well my mam is, but everyone else isn't. I tried them out with my healthy eating size portions... lol... that didn't go down so well with my dad and brother but my mam couldn't finish hers. It made me feel good to actually cook for my parents. They were extremely grateful which made me feel more wonderful. I usually hate cleaning the dishes but today it zoomed by. Some times small things can make you mega happy. *sigh*

Didn't exercise much today but did work my arse off cleaning the entire upstairs of my grandmas house. Cleaning can be hard work-oh. Didn't stop for two hours straight. Kinda hurt my back a lil stretching up to put things away but no lasting damage. Tomorrow I feel will be a different day entirely. Though I need to start studying I shall devote-oh some time-oh to exercise-oh. I WILL.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Nice job on cooking something healthy for your parents :)

Hope your back gets better quick.

wildfluffysheep said...

thank you FLG...

My back no longer hurts and I am off to exercise as we speak.

thanks for stopping by.

Felix said...

We put our entire household on WW meals and they don't know the difference, especially since we just adopted them from Ukraine. The food is way better here than at the orphanage, they said. We get compliments everynight for the "wonderful" food we prepare. We don't have candy in the house and since they never had it often, they aren't hooked. Sweets are kept to a minimum too, usually only once a week...and it is a WW recipe.

Your success will be double-fold if you get your guy on the plan too, whether or not he needs to lose weight. It looks like he is already on-board, keep it going!

Lot's of luck, i'll be following. Thanks for following ny blog, too.


wildfluffysheep said...

thanks for posting. I really appreciate it. Wow thats great you have your whole family on board. I don't live with my family any more so it is kinda hard for me to keep them on track from 130 miles away but I am trying.