Monday, 16 February 2009

Tough SHIT...

It seems there are alot of birthdays this week. Some people love 'em some hate 'em. I think they're ok... its the stupid food that gets me. Even though I didn't do too badly on my sisters birthday I still wasn't the best. God knows how much fat was in that Chinese food. And even though I've been exercising like mad since, nothings happening. Which leads to another thing that is upsetting my postive attitude from yesterday. I keep checking the scales to see if the exercise is paying off.

GARGH. I always tell other people, don't get weighed everyday. Your weight fluctuates sooo much its not healthy checking every day, just do it once a week. And here I am checking it morning, noon and night. It's depressing. I keep blaming the reason nothings changing on the scales because they're not my scales and its not in my usual spot. And that I'm at my family's house and not my lovely little place.

Despite not seeing the magic numbers on the scale I am pretty sure I can feel a change physically. I can no longer see my belly sticking out past my boobs, makes me feel a little better. But I am feeling utterly utterly miserable. Infact I am stupidly crying as I write this. I thought coming home would relieve some stress but it just seems to increase it.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey, if you're seeing and feeling changes, that's the most important thing, not a number on a scale.

And you should totally take your advice, don't weigh everyday! It's not that there's anything wrong with it, but if it upsets you, then it's really not helping.

Hope you're feeling better.

wildfluffysheep said...

Thanks FLG. I feel 200 percent better today. I do have to remember not to over focus on the scale numbers.

I didn't check the scales today. go me!