Friday, 13 March 2009

cooking and stuff...

No matter what I do this picture won't turn round the right way so screw it... I bought some pretty pink, red and orange cup cake holders and decided to brave the baking malarky again....


I'm off home for the weekend... I am quite excited because I bought a new recipe book and me and my mam are gonna try out a few new things. She seems keen to try my spanish omelette I made the other day. She's also decided she doesn't like kidney beans but I am pretty sure she hasn't tried them. (mam, if you're reading this they're yummy ESPECIALLY in my chilli con carne) *fingers crossed* I shall try to convince her...

Alot of the comments from my weigh in yesterday have suggested marking my progress in inches too... at first I was against this because *shrugs* I just hated those numbers more than my scale number. But, actually, I think it might be a good idea because sometimes when I don't lose as much as I like or can't feel it in my pants the inches might just show a result! So I will be measuring up later today... eeep.


Dina said...

Love the cupcake holders!

I finally broke down in Jan, and started measuring. It's totally worth it!

Tony said...

Kidney beans are the best beans. I discovered them a few months ago. I dont normally like beans that much, unless they are in a sauce, but these were pretty damn good.

MizFit said...

yep. chiming in about the inches as well.
but thats how I roll---not a fan of the hunk of metal we call a scale :)


TJ said...

Not sure whats in those colorful cup cake papers but Im about to GOOGLE it! lol

Take measurements! I wrote mine down when I first joined weight watchers and recently re-did them and was surprised, nicely.


May said...

Kidney Ive never tried them either. Just the name scares me off LOL

Congrats on your decision to measure, though :)

antgirl said...

I used to use the tape measure as I gave up the scale. Now I use neither. As you know, I'm coveting arms ... LOL

Mmmmm. I like beans. I just made chili recently, too. It weres yummy. Husband agreed.

Have a great weekend!

wildfluffysheep said...

they ARE pretty snazzy. I am all measured up!

They are the best beans! Even better in my chilli con carne.

yep. on the inches bandwagon. Don't think I'm quite ready to give up my scales.

LOL. they were meant to be spicy muffins but used the wrong flour they were still yummy. Taking the measurements oh yeah

Kidney beans are yummy *nods* you should try 'em. And thankyou.

LOL @ coveting arms. you sound like some dealer... Kudos to yummy chilli. My weekend has been awesome so far.