Thursday, 12 March 2009

the dreaded weigh in...

My hair is all over the place so couple that with my spotty face I felt it was best left cut off! You can see my clean exercise stuff in the background oh yeah. This actually one of my nicest outfits... one of seven that I wear continuously...but thats another post entirely!

Despite my lethargic tendancies and a real late stab at the gym... I lost a pound :D woot woot! That takes me in to the 19 stone region so I can say goodbye 21 stones, goodbye 20 stones and a brief hello to the 19 stones! A
nd brief it will be! I do not plan on staying here long. Last night I was sure that I was going to stay the same and initially felt that would be as bad as a gain. However, after a chat with my superstar of a mother(best support network ever) I realised it would not be the end of the world if I did stay the same. Still it made me feel sick to think of it. She now thinks I am obsessed with it...

Am I obsessed??? I thought about it some and realised the part about weighing myself on the scales is obsessive but thats it. (just need my to remind my flatmate to hide it) I have to think about my weight loss strongly or else I wouldn't be able to do it and I have to think about it often because it does affect a huge part of my life. If I didn't monitor my exercise and eating closely I would fall off the wagon constantly. I need to be strict to a point but I don't think I am becoming obsessive.


Dina said...

I think you almost have to become obsessive about it. You have to devote so much time to paying attention to what you are eating and drinking, not to mention how much you're working out.

Great job on the loss!

Tricia said...

Congrats on the loss :) I like your outfit, looks nice.

And yeah, what Dina said. Not obsessing about stuff is what got us to where we are now, you know?

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the loss! Looks like your clothes are getting quite baggy on you? I'm having that problem, all my pants are about 6 sizes too big now! It's awesome but I have issues letting go of clothes lol.

Don't forget that when you're working your butt off at the gym you WILL see a bit of a gain in muscle mass. So if you don't have a killer WI don't get too discouraged. Start tracking your inches lost too! I do that and when I see the amount of inches I've lost I always feel better when I have a very small loss or end up STS.

May said...

For sure, start tracking the inches! At the beginning of this, I was losing everything slow but I was surprised/happy to learn that I had lost several inches!

Carlos said...

kick ass, another pound? go you

antgirl said...

I had that same scale obsession once upon a time. So, I gave the scale away and never bought another one.

Woooot!!! Woooooot!! Woooot!! On the loss! You're doing so great ... especially for a headless body. LOL Just teasing.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Nice job on the loss! Good bye 20 stone!

You don't have to be obsessive about it. I think it gets easier once you get into a groove and it's no longer effort, just habit.

Losing Waist! said...

YEAH! You just lose that weight! That outfit looks like it is about to fall off of you... new clothes are in order!

kristisummer said...

congrats on the loss. keep positive

CactusFreek said...

I really hate that header picture. I really REALLY hate it! lol

Good on you for the loss! :o)

I want to see your head in the next pic. I don't care what your hair looks like. It's gotta be better than that header pic!!! lol

wildfluffysheep said...

Thanks. I prefer to call it close monitoring than obsessive... I think obsessive is a negative word so I'm trying not to use it.

thankyou and thankyou! Very true...

@ugly girl with a beautiful
thankyou. they are starting to feel more loose. I did get a little shock at that pic. I have issues letting go of my clothes too even though I'm dying for new ones... I never really considered muscle mass. Thanks.

I have decided to track those inches :D

thank you :)

wow. I really can't imagine doing it without the scale right now. *fingers crossed* I get to that stage though. lol. My hair really was that bad...

Thankyou. I think maybe I am kind of settling into more of a routine now.

lol. thanks. The top is getting well loose now. Wish I could afford new clothes... damn that wii fit.

thank you. positive thinking leads to positive actions, a mantra I am trying to uphold.

lol. thanks. I promise a head shot next time, bad hair or not.