Sunday, 22 March 2009

A new kind of binge....

In an attempt to get out of my stupidy slump I did some spring cleaning! (See above) Washed all my sheets and you know what it worked! Going to bed in my gorgeous, clean and freash smelling sheets was refreshing and calming and exactly just what I needed! Cheered me up no end. However, with studying and trying to get this essay finished for monday and for it to be perfect, my exercise has suffered and the books are giving me head aches. I tried drinking plenty of water, had regular breaks and was making promising head way but something just wouldn't give. I was suddenly ravenous all the time. 

Instead of binging on the really bad stuff.... (there was none in the flat and was waaaaaaaaaaaay too lathargic to drag my arse to the shops) what I did was eat extra big portions of my healthier stuff. ( I read something similar on TwinkelyDots blog) I made pasta with chicken and bacon but it was for like four people and even though I struggled to make it past half way I pushed my self to eat the entire thing, again til my stomach was fit to bursting. I am not going on to explain the slimming world diet but basically there are two different types of day, an red and a green day. On the red its meat orientated and you are limited on stuff like pasta and potato. On a green day its the opposite. Yesterday I stuck to neither day. In the evening, even though I wasn't really hungry, I had four potato rostis. They weren't even that nice. 

Though the stuff I scoffed are not really fattening it worried me that I was eating that much. One of the postives of the last couple of weeks was that my portion sizes had finally made it to a normal size. With the lack of exercise this week so far I am not feeling positive but hope the handing in of this last essay will release me back into the positive for good.


Dina said...

Just wanted to say I offically love your comforter!

Carlos said...

great cleaning and looks like even the binges are moving into more positive territory... well done

jo said...

Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? Your bed looks great, and you're doing great!

antgirl said...

Progress is progress. It should be about doing better [as compared to you and no one else] and not perfect.

Uni is stressful. I think you'd have to be a cyborg to be perfect during the peaks & valleys of that life.

Want to come clean here? LOL

PS - my Industrial dance dvd arrived. I will be trying it out later today. I'm letting my protein bar settle first.

WonderLori said...

Cleaning is very cathartic. And I read that keeping a clean living space helps with weight loss! You're doing great, O Wooly One!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I'm sending some positive energy your way!!!

Kudos on the I just have to follow suit lol

twinkelydots said...

Thanks for the shout out! It's my first and I'm honored.

It does feel great to have clean sheets & bedding. I love the feel of clean sheets.

wildfluffysheep said...

Thank you! Me too...

yes. indeedy.

yes. it does. *nods sagely* thankyou and thank you

repeats. progress IS progress. uni is bloody stressful. I am so glad its over for a while. LOL... about that cleaning... *runs and hides*

It definitely is cathartic! Though sometimes I cannot be arsed with it at all. lol @ wooly one.

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
ooooooo. bring on the positive energy. can't get enough of the stuff. :D lol hope you did some cleaning!

you are most welcome m'lovely. It feels amazing to have clean sheets and the like :D