Monday, 9 March 2009

Spot the difference...

I have never had really bad skin but I do get those ridiculously green goo filled volcano like monster spots. I thought with drinking more water and eating more healthy that they would calm down and be less obvious. Alas more are appearing. They've now started appearing on my back, thighs and neck. I feel it might be because I am sweating more. Especially after exercise. I don't know how to stop it without cutting out the work outs but there is no way I am doing that. I enjoy it too much and it is key to my weight loss sucess. I've never used any products or anything, maybe it's time....

On a less icky but more positive note... I got my wii fit age down by 14 years. Still 4 years above what it should be. :D I am trying to do at least twenty minutes on it every day. (I hope others are including it in their exercise routaine, not mentionfing any names HOPEFOOL.) Just twenty minutes of the aerobics left me slightly breathless but not panting or sweating. I've spent just under three hours in total on it now and unlocked pretty much everything. Having problems with the jogging on it. If it says JOG AT MORE CONSISTANT PACE or whatever it says one more time I'll scream. But when the man waves at me it does spur me on to run faster. Though I am two pounds heavier on it....

I'm still going against my advice and weighing myself at every oppertunity. Not good. It makes me worry. I tried to get my housemate to hide the scales but after once she hasn't done it since :( It's not like I can hide it myself! I was worrying about this in bed last night... which lead to more doubts. Can I keep up the momentum of exercising regularly? My meals are boring me, how can I mix it up? What else can I do? Am I really going to be able to do the charity run? Why is the weight not coming off my legs? Round and round and round. Couldn't sleep so I read for a while. Still woke up before the alarm.  I think I may need to have a serious look at my motivation diary.
In a small attempt to cook and try something new... a spanish frying pan broke. Awwwwww. It looks so sad and abused. This pan has stayed with me three solid years of student cooking and I mourned the loss noisily. Now I have to invest in a new one... no worries. This one only cost me three pounds. Yay to the basics section at Asda. I completely forgot to take a picture of my spanish omelette. It was delicous. I would definitely make it again. My flatmate said it looked funny but I thought it looked ok. Doesn't really matter because it was SCRUM- DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS.


Dina said...

Aw, poor pan! Great job on getting your Wii Fit age down! 4 years away is really close! :)

CactusFreek said...

Your acne might be hormonal. I get adult acne due to hormones. It didn't start till i was in my 30's and it progressively got worse untill i went to my doctor and got medication. I still get them but not nearly as bad as before the medication.

Awesome progress with the Wii! We got Wii fit at Christmas, but i keep forgetting about it. I might go and get it out now while i think of it :o)

Kate said...

I think it is great that you're using your Wii Fit regularly! I used to use mine, but lately it has been sitting under my TV stand, untouched and (probably) gathering dust.

TJ said...

RIP fry pan :(

I love my Wii Fit. I just don't like that it calls me obese. :( Where is the love? lol


Anonymous said...

I love my Wii Fit too, although I haven't been able to use it as I keep injuring myself! LOL

Kudos for the cooking. Don't be afraid to try new recipes! I love cooking and trying new things it keeps it interesting =)

SeaShore said...

The sweat could be making you break out. Maybe to do with the clothes you're wearing while you work out?

Good job on the Wii years!

The problem is letting what the scale says dictate your emotions and whether or not you trust your plan. I weigh in everyday, but I only let it depress me once a week, lol.

I worry about whether I will be dedicated enough to make this a forever commitment too.

Try some new recipes? New foods?

Its all about me said...

I agree with TJ RIP fry pan he he. It did you proud for so long.

I wish I had a WII fit... sigh so jealous. One day. I might just stick with my treadmill for a while though.

Chews to Lose said...

That is so great about getting your Wii fit age down four years. Amazing. I need to work on that.

I think that you can do the race. It's going to be hard, but I know you're going to be great.

I'm like you - I weigh myself too often. I'm obsessed with it. Guess there are worse things to be obsessed with though.

I get bored with the same foods over and over. I love to try new things out. Every month I make a menu and my husband and I try new things (magazines, internet, anywhere I can find a new and easy recipe) it's so easy to get burnt out.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That's cool that wii fit measures fitness in terms of age, because then it's like going back in time. That's kind of how I've looked at it as I've been losing weight.

Sorry about the pan =/ But new pans are always way more fun to cook on :D

And you can do whatever you put your mind to. You're already losing weight, which is a complex biological process. Not stepping on the scales is merely a choice :) And there's nothing stopping you from doing the charity run. You can't choose where you lose weight from, that's pretty much all down to genetics.

Just know you can do it. It's about finding ways to help yourself be able to do it, and keep doing those things.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...
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~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I have had issues breaking out like a flippin fourteen year old too, it seems more so since I started my weight loss journey. My esthetician said that it's normal! We're eating healthier and taking care of our bodies, in turn our bodies are flushing all those crappy toxins we'd ingested before. Flushing of toxins means flushing everywhere, that includes through our pores. Gah! Find yourself a good skincare regime and stick to it, you'll have far fewer breakouts and you'll feel so much better! It'll take time, but it's all worth it in the end right?

PS: First comment was deleted because of a spelling error...stupid spelling.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across a comment of yours on a friend's blog and that brought me here. Found your posts very interesting and I can all too easily identify with weighing yourself too much. I got out of that pattern by putting the scales out of sight and, instead, using a measuring tape to track my size rather than weight. The nice part about it is it enables you to quanitfy the differences that you feel in the way your clothes fit. Just thought I'd mention it in case it's something you want to try.

On the subject of acne, you might want to try bio-oil. Seems counter-intuitive that oil will help with acne, but I find it great for my skin.

Good luck with everything! You're doing a great job!

Emily said...

Look at all your comments!! I am getting comment envy!! It is a pretty serious condition.. hmmm.

Anyway - poor poor frypan. :o( It obviously went doing what it loved ;o)
(oh and Asda... I remember Asda fondly!)

Way to go on your Wii Fit age. A friend of mine did it and went UP in age instead of down! *giggle behind hand*

You are doing great! (stop weighing yourself all the time!! that can so mess with your head - go cold turkey!!)

wildfluffysheep said...

Thanks, lol.I just hope I can keep it that low!

I have a doctors appointment coming up, maybe I will ask about it then. Thanks, you should totally get your wii out lol. It sounds so funny. I am encouraging every one to do it :D

DUST IT OFF :P since I am promoting the wii this week I thought I would yell that.

lol. I know. Really where is it? Obese hmmpph!

lol. I did get a small injury but that was from slipping off it doing the step aerobics. Get back on it, missus! Seriously, nintendo should give me something for all these shout outs! You are definitely inspiring me too cook more. Your food always looks delish!

I never thought about the clothes angle...hmm. thanks. I hope it is just sweat and I don't need medication for it. I really do have to stop letting the scale dictate my emotions. I am on it with the new recipes this week...

@its all about me
It did do me so proud for so long! I still haven't managed to move its corpse. The treadmill is great. I just found a new love for it.

@Chews to lose
work on the wii years :D get on the wii lol. I think thats become my new mantra. Thanks about the race. Good idea with the monthly menu. I might try something similar.

I am sorry about the pan too but I do love buying new stuff. YAY to the new pan. Thanks for all the advice. I didn't weigh myself once today. Not once. I still wish the weightloss would distribute evenly lol.

@Ugly girl with a beautiful heart
Thanks for explaining about the toxins. That kind of makes me feel ok about them. I feel purged! I am working on the skin care regime :D Definitely worth it.

@mmy photography
thanks very much for stopping by. Never really been inclined to measure myself since the last time me and brother did and though he was 9 stones heavier than me he was only four inches wider round the stomach. Kind of depressed me. HMM.. i have heard of bio oil. I may try it. Thanks again

This post did draw a lot of comments. I think my most yet. I love asda, it is awesome (i said that out loud in a sing song voice) I really am trying to go cold turkey with the scales thing because it seriously messes me up. Thanks for posting!

antgirl said...

Finally, I'm getting caught up!

Awesome job with the wii and the exercise. You're inspiring.

I'm better at advice with dry skin. My niece-in-law swears by Proactive though.

LOL Your pan does look very sad. Just try new recipes and new foods to keep things interesting. Experiement with spices and herbs that add a lot of flavor without calories. If you find a recipe that interests you, but is not 'hip friendly', I could help you slim it down. :)