Monday, 2 March 2009

Stupidly swimming...

I went swimming again today. Didn't enjoy it as much. BECAUSE I GOT IT INTO MY HEAD MY FAT ARMS WERE MAKING TOO MANY SPLASHES. yep. I couldn't swim. I just did the crappy little doggy paddle but for some reason couldn't move my legs at the same time. So not only did I look even stupider than if I would have just normally my arms were working twice as hard to pull my enormous whale like body through the water.... We (me plus my flatmate) paid a little extra and used the health spa bit. That was cool, went in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. It felt really good, not that I deserve a treat this week. However, when moving from the pool to the spa we had to walk back and forth in front of a well toned swimmers. Young guy swimmers. Needless to say I was not thrilled. After long deliberation I have decided to post me in my swimsuit. So you can what they saw and hopefully motivate me into losing more weight.

From the side and the front. I don't think any one needs to see my fat arse from behind. OH MY GOD. I am sooooo pale it is scary. Those shorts are grey but go that nasty colour after being in the water. Lumps and bumps, my friend. LUMPS AND BUMPS. Pretty huh?
We got told off for taking these pictures. Apparantly you're not allowed to take pictures by the pool.
Went to the gym this morning too. That was such a great workout. woohoo for today.
This has taken soooooo much effort. That this is all I shall post. I feel  purged. My body is screaming for mine bed.... Sleeping tight.


Dina said...

Sorry you didn't get to enjoy swimming.

Let the pictures motivate you, but DO NOT beat yourself up over them!


May said...

You got told off for taking pics by the pool? Retarded.

Anyways, those pics arent as bad as you think. You should see ME in my swimwear! You gotta just start liking you and saying the hell with everyone else.

Its all about me said...

I agree with Dina. Don't let it get to you. I have a similar shape body to you and I must admit I hate going swimming too and my bingo wings (arms) annoy me but not when swimming just if I wear a singlet I hate them.

Good on you for the gym workout.

antgirl said...

I did not own a bathing suit until this summer. The first one I bought in 14 years.

So I salute you for your bravery! Ya know, they may not be judging you as much as you think. Maybe they think, good for her for working at being healthier. That's what I always think and then wave encouragingly.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey, don't call yourself a whale. And who says you don't deserve a treat?

Like Dina said, don't beat yourself up over the photos, over anything.

So, congratulations on going for the swim, and sauna! And on having a great workout! Awesome stuff :)

Carlos said...

your bravery inspires

Losing Waist! said...

Three things...

1. You just made me laugh my ass off... I can completely relate to fixating on something (like fat arms making too much of a splash) and having it ruin everything for me!

2. If you can make piece with it- swimming is such a relief on your body... exercise without the strain on your joints....

3. I may be able to TOP THAT WHITENESS. We live in the Pacific Northwest and the weather does not equal sun exposure and the five days a year that are warm enough AND sunny- well I am so white I have to protect myself from a lobster burn.

I used to be tan (obsessive), well actually I was for the first 22 years of my life and did terrible damage to my skin and especially to my face... although I cannot reverse the damage, I EMBRACE THE WHITENESS now because I know it is the right thing to do for myself.

Reg Reagan said...

Good post had me smiling!

Keep up the exercise..... I've done nothing this week but will get back into it tomorrow weather permitting.

Enjoying your blog....


wildfluffysheep said...

I'm sorry too :( I think these pictures will definitely motivate me. Thanks.

yep. They thought we might be paedophiles. She actually said we could be prosecuted! I AM starting to like me more....yay.

@Its all about me
Thank you for stopping by. Yeah, bingo wings are not fun. I actually only go swimming because my housemate begs me. My fat seems to just love hanging round the middle of me.

wow. thats a long time not to have a bathing suit. Thanks, though I never feel brave just extremely awkward. Man, I wish I could wave at them encouragingly lol. That would be amazing.

I will not call myself a whale again. After splurging on the pizza and the wine I just felt like I didn't deserve something good this week. Thank you for the congrats.

Thank you kind sir!

@Losing Waist
Glad I can make some one smile :D the splashing thing was kinda stupid. Yep. I'm trying to overcome the splash thing. I think I may try the women only session instead. Because once I get going I do love swimming. some one white than me? Never thought I'd see the day. Seriously?

@Reg Reagan
thank you for reading my blog. Yay to making people smile :D Goodluck with the exercise, hope the weather works out too :P

pearls of wisdom said...

One step at a time, one pound.

When i had access to a pool , all I could do was walk from one end to the other---so I walked as fast and as long as I could. It was great exercise and easy on my knees.

Remember-If I can do it you can, if you can i can.


wildfluffysheep said...

Thanks Bill :D I will remember that

ChristinaJane said...

I just found your blog through Carlos' (Bigger Boat). Great post and an amazing feat going swimming. That's really awesome.

Allison said...

I wear mostly black and charcoal grey clothing. Because, you know, it hides things.
Well, last year, I found a swimsuit for a ridiculously good clearance price. It's brown with huge pink flowers on it. But it was cheap!
I went home, tried it on, and looked in the mirror, and horror! Especially from the back. Having a big, wide arse covered in big pink flowers is never a good idea.
So, yeah, I feel your swimsuit pain. But it could be worse...with big pink flowers. :)

wildfluffysheep said...

thank you very much for stopping by. it is well appreciated. thanks again

Thank you for sharing your swimsuit story! I went with the mostly black one but swimsuits hide nothing!