Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday yummy Sunday...

In my last couple of visits home I have been trying to convert my family to healthier eating, I've made them well healthier versions of their favourites :D Just simple cooking, nothing worthy of a five star restuarant... last time it was a pasta and sausage dish, this time it was chilli :D both went down very well (if not a few comments on the smaller portion size) However this weekend was completely different....

I brought home my new cookbook and every one was eager to cook something healthier themselves. Even my younger brother who desperately needs to lose his weight made a huge effort to be a part. He has a sweet tooth so he made a yummier 100 x healthier desert than he would normally eat. I was sooooo proud of him. I really can't express just how much in words.

Me and my Dad made a low fat steak and mushroom pie :D It was absolutely delicious. I was most impressed with my cooking skills but also that my parents both got excited over recipes and which one we should make first. We decided on the steak and mushroom pie for dinner this evening and before I leave tomorrow we are going to make chilli lemon chicken. I am positively beaming as I write this :D We went on a special shopping trip to get the ingredients and they now own many herbs and spices they would never normally consider. woot. woot.
This is my empty plate my Dad forget to let me take a complete picture of the pie before he served up but as you can see from my seriously empty amlost licked clean plate that the pie was a major success.

Both before and after dinner we spent alot of time on the wii... sports and the fit. It was so much fun, it really does bring my family together. I really am glad that we invested in one. We've had many game consoles over the years but this is the only one that has been worth it. My Mam in particular said she felt much better for changing her eating habits and both, her and my Dad have lost noticable amounts of weight :D positive and positive.

I miss the gym :( I don't believe it. I can't wait to get back to Manchester for that reason alone. I love my weekends with the family but I do miss my home. It won't be long til the end of term and I shall return so it's all goooooooooooood....
I was tagged in It's All About Me's blog and I never usually do the tagging others thing 'cause it in general bugs me (sorry) :D but I felt bad and attempted half it in honour of her... (I'm not tagging other people)
Seven facts about me....
1. I have the best family in the entire world.
2. I love manchester city with all my heart.
3. I read at least two books a week.
4. I am addicted to the internet.
5. My room is actually tidy right now
6. The slimming world diet works the best for me.
7. I am the shyest person I know.
Seven quirky facts about me...
1. When I get on the scales for weigh in, I do it ten times.
2. I can only start my studying on an exact hour.
3. My friends call me Simmyfish and I have no idea why.
4. My wrists are my favourite body part
5. I always wear odd socks
6. Theres only six quirky facts about me
7....TA DAH
Ah... I am happily exhausted *content sigh*


Dina said...

Yeah that plate is definitely licked clean! Glad to hear you could get your parents on board with you :)

I love weird socks too. :)

Tony said...

Your family wants to get healthy together, which is awesome! Having a good support network is always nice.

TJ said...

I've gotten my parents to eat weight watchers recipes 3 weeks in a row without complaining! lol So I can understand your success! :)

Wii= family fun for me too! :) My parents LOVE my Wii and my Mom even got me a travel bag so I can bring it to her house to play it with them!

:) tj

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That's awesome that the family is really getting involved and into the healthy eating. And steak and mushroom pie!!! One of my faves!

Glad to hear the fam's enjoying the wii too :)

WonderLori said...

A few points: (Ahem.)

1) It's so great that your family is on board with you! Can I have the recipe for steak and mushroom pie?

2) You write like with a British accent! For example, "I've made them well healthier versions of their favourites." The spell checker even says favourites is spelled wrong! It makes me chuckle.

3) So Manchester is nice, huh? When I finally get to your island I'll have to check it out. I'd also like to see Priddy because, well, it's my last name (and apparently that's spelled wrong, too!) Also, I have a recipe for low-fat baked fish and chips I'll share! Smooches, dah-ling!

antgirl said...

How great you are all doing this together! There's a lot of positive reinforcement.

The dessert looks really yummy. You should post up the recipe for the steak & mushroom pie. :) I'm always looking to try new dishes.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

That's great that you're getting the whole fam involved!

Its all about me said...

Thank you and I do feel honoured. I must admit I do get like you with the tagging and I don't always do it either but sometimes it is nice to know other people a little more. Thank you!!

How great is it that your parents are on board with it all and want to get healthy. I wish that my family was more like that when I first started losing the weight because support is what we need for sure.

Tricia said...

That's awesome that the whole family is adapting well to your lifestyle changes. They sound like a great bunch!

Emily said...

way to go you -helping your family to become healthy, esp your little brother! :o)
And it is great that everyone loves the Wii.

Chubby Chick said...

Sounds like you have a great family! :)

Michelle Vandepol said...

love the cleaned plate pic :)

Losing Waist! said...

#8 You make me laugh. No one has ever talked as openly about exercise zits like you! I love it!!

I am glad that you have a fantastic family!

wildfluffysheep said...

lol. the only way to clean a plate, me thinks! Yay for weird socks :D

It is awesome that they want to do it too. They are truly a great support network. I couldn't ask for better.

Its awesome getting the family to join in, isn't it? :P yay for wii family fun. Can't get enough of it as of late. OOOOO I want a travel bag...

Awesome is one word I have definitely overused this week but its sooooo true! :D Steak and mushroom is a clear favourite of mine.

lol. I love that you had points and a little introductory cough. Well I am British, glad its coming across :P This spell checker does bug me. Manchester is wonderful! You should definitely check it out. OOOOO low fat fish and chips! A British fave...

Definitely. The desert was delicious but seriously I can't talk that pie up enough. mm..mmm. I shall post it :D

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
thanks. it really is wonderful. Man, I think may start sounding real corny soon!

@its all about me
you are very welcome m'lovely! Support is definitely needed when on a weight loss journey. I couldn't do it without them but also without people like you who read my blog :D

They are the best bunch! :D

I know. It makes me so happy :D I hope he sticks with it. Well the wii is fuuuuuuuuuuun.....

@Chubby Chick
I really do :D I don't think I can stress that enough!

@Michelle Vandepol
lol. it was that delicious...

@Losing Waist
lol. I am glad I can make you laugh :D I aim to please. I'm glad I have a fantastic family too, couldn't do it without them.