Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The journey to find the filo!

I posted the steak and mushroom pie that me and my dad made that was ooooooooooooooooooooo totally delicious I have decided to make it now I am back at my own place. I had no food on return from the family home so off I trekked to Asda and did my big food shop for the next two weeks or soooooo.... EXCEPT THEY HAD NO FILO PASTRY. I couldn't believe it, one of the biggest supermarkets around didn't have it. Using any other kind of pastry would be disastrous on my points system. I'd already defrosted the meat so the pie was definitely gonna happen.... I thought its ok I will just go to another supermarket after uni.
Went to uni ( had the most amazing lecturer, an American called Elizabeth Morris) and then headed into town. Two supermarkets there also didn't have the pastry either, I was starting to worry :( Off I went to the gym. A very productive session, even talked to a couple of people. *gasp* being friendly at the gym. It cheered me and for an entire hour I forget about the stupid damn filo pastry. Gym over. Back the soul destroying quest for the right pastry. I trekked further and got on a bus for 40 mins to the next big supermarket. NOTHING.. Went to the one across the street. NOTHING. I feared the worst for the pie. While I was waiting for the bus to the next supermarket (the one I hated) a man told me I didn't exercise enough. He just said it. Seriously, do I have something etched on my face that says I AM FAT AND LAZY PLEASE TELL ME SO. I just stared incredulously and hoped the bus turned up on time. Finally made to Morrisions and whoooooooop I found the pastry. I bought three packs. 5 supermarkets and 3 hours in total. I was ready to make the pie but it after 7pm when I made it home. So I decided to leave to it today. See the dedication for this pie? That yummy!

This is the inside of my little store cupboard. I had no really interesting pictures to post but I like posting them so I thought I would just post it lol. How interesting...NOT :D I have today off and I am really glad. I miss one day of blogging and theres a million posts demanding attention! I got some really lovely comments on my last post and was really touched :D I am so glad that I started this blog. I really can't say that enough. So thankyou to those that do read this. I checked the scale today, again. I am sick of moaning about it on here so I am just not going to do it anymore. Just once a week from now on. Yes.


Dina said...

Glad you found the pastry! And screw the old guy who said you don't exercise enough, what a jerk.

I like the cupboard pic. :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Sorry to hear you had to have that encounter with the rude dude. But... FILO! I love filo. You can do so much stuff with it! You'll have to post up the recipe for the steak and mushroom pie, you've made me very intrigued :)

And good stuff with the gym! Back when I used to go to the gym, I only ever talked to one person, and that was just a "Hi", so well done you!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Okay I am flypaper for freaks, you are flypaper for rude assholes! I can't believe that guy! You have such a great attitude though, keep your head up hon, no matter what. You KNOW that you're doing wonderfully, and that you're doing what you need to make yourself HEALTHY! Kudos to you :)

twinkelydots said...

How about if you ask at your favorite market if they can carry the filo dough? Most want to please & they'll get something in if you ask.

And how rude of that guy! sheesh!

Tricia said...

Man, that guy is a freaking jerk. Is the UK all full of jerks who have a personal vendetta against fat people or what the heck?

Carlos said...

what an ass that bus dude was. you should have threatened to break old man river's hip!

antgirl said...

Damn! That must be one incredible pie! What dedication. I will definitely have to try the recipe.

I would have said something smart assed to the man, something about the fatness of his unrestrained lip. LOL But, I'm fiesty that way.

Glad you joined the blogosphere here. I enjoy your posts.

Wendy Lou said...

Sorry about the weird old man. He's probably all delusional and was headed home to his house of garbage and cats.

I don't really know, I just feel like generalizing all crazy, idiotic old people who are mean to strangers as crazy, junk hoarding, cat people who have no life. It makes me feel better.

SeaShore said...

What a creep! Hard to imagine what goes on in some people's heads.

wildfluffysheep said...

lol. me too.He was a jerk. And thank you :D

I love filo too! Hence the four supermarket trek. Totally worth it. It kinda cheered me that people do actually talk in the gym :D

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
I am a magnet for rude people. I think they can sense that I am too nice to say anything back! Thank you for your kind words, you cheer me up so much.

Thanks, I never thought of that.

The UK seems to hate fat people more and more. It's like we have a disease they might catch. Gargh, in general most people accept it but I do seem to attract the mean ones.

lol. lol. and lol.

Seriously the pie was delicious. I hope you do try it :D lol @ the fatness of the unrestrained lip. thankyou. that last comment made me beam :D

@Wendy Lou
lol. garbage and cats. That did make me feel better.

I don't think I wanna know lol