Friday, 10 April 2009

A euphoric high...

More positives for this week.. (besides still super high from yesterdays results). I think my sister realised how mean she was to me the other day because when she came home from uni yesterday she was super nice to me and (I have never worn makeup) gave me all her make up she no longer uses. She encouraged me to wear a little and just stuff I could manage. (Ironically, I've never worn make up because I don't think I'm pretty, my sister keeps saying you wear make up to look better so g
o figure...) She curled my hair and helped me get ready.(cue picture on the left, in my defence the picture didn't turn out all that well) Since I wasn't home to celebrate Mothers day we went out last night for dinner to a favourite restaurant of ours. And partially just to be happy for my loss this week. It was a great night, family entertainment wise. I had steak and kidney pie. I totally regret it. Before I got home my stomach ached and I know this sounds gross but it literally went straight through me. Eurgh. I don't think my stomach could handle the fattier pastry and rich gravy and the bigger portion that I'm not used to. My low fat version of that pie tastes just as great and is way better for my stomach. So I think I might take out my post weigh in food treat and reward myself with some thing else...

On the wii front.... I got a solid total of ten hours on the wii fit ( even though it didn't count an entire hour once, damnit) And it turned my little time piggy bank bronze! TA -DAH. Also I did 15,737 steps yesterday. I wore my pedometer to the gym and did like 5000 steps there and felt like that was kinda cheating so I pushed forward and did my usual 10, 000 steps on top of it. That made me feel extra good.

It's good Friday and I am feeling good. I was even up an hour earlier and showered and all that jazz. I love being the only one awake in the morning :D right I must move my arse. Things to be done...



Dina said...

It's not cheating to wear your pedometer to the gym! At least I hope not :)

Cute pic, and glad your sister is being nicer!

Anonymous said...

seriously...i've been reading about your pedometer steps that later today i think i'll go look for one

Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, I am with Ang, I am gonna get a pedometer too - sounds like a great way to increase your activity.

You look fab in your photo - go girl!

TJ said...

I like your pic! :) I dont wear makeup...lipstick is about it. lol I bought a pedometer yesterday. I have yet to open the box. lol

yeah on that wii piggie bank turning bronze! (plus one hour uncounted for) :)


jo said...

Over 15000 steps? In one day? Holy tennis shoes, batman...WOW.

You look beautiful! I love your picture. =)

May said...

Awesome! Congrats to you!

And your family fun night actually makes me have some hope that when I get home next month that we will have a great time!

Thanks for all of your inspiration :)

antgirl said...

Oh, it's nice to see your body has such a lovely face. :)

Sounds like you made some great discoveries and had some very poignant AHAs. Excellent.

Your love of the pedometer has me thinking about it ... your enthusiasm is infectious.

Carlos said...

lol look at you all tarted up! great wii progress

WonderLori said...

Woo, hoo! You look great! I'm really proud of you, young'un! Two things, very quickly. First, I've never had steak and kidney pie. We don't get much of that around here. Can I have your low-fat recipe? Second, think of me fondly if you watch the new Doctor Who (6:45 GMT on BBC 1) as I won't be, what with being in a different country and all.

Wei Sic Meow said...

You're looking lovely. Glad your sister turned around.

You make a home made diet friendly steak and kidney pie??? Impressive. I think that is a future post! :-p

Emily said...

well done!! :o)
You are on fire!!

Great photo! Nice of your sister to be nice to you! :o)

ani pesto said...

I agree - totally not cheating to wear your pedometer to the gym.

Thanks for popping by my blog, great to have found yours in return.

Have a fab Easter

big_mummy said...

i dont think its cheating.... its bending the rules!!

you really are doing great with the pedo... i need to find one i like. i want one to go round my neck.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Cute pic! Happy easter to you :)

wildfluffysheep said...

lol. Maybe not cheating, per se...
Thanks and thanks.

Do it. You won't regret getting your pedometer :D I love mine!

DO IT. Seriously, I can't talk it up enough. Pedometers rock. And thankyou!

Thank you.I spied you pedometer. Looks cool. Hope you get cracking soon :D

lol @ holy tennis shoes batman. I think I will definitely recycle that sentence. Thank you very much!

Thankyou :D I hope you do have lots of fun when you go home to your family :D You are welcome, thankYOU for stopping by and encouraging me.

LOL. thankyou. I do tend to not post my head. Excellent indeedy. You should get one, they're awesome.

lol. thanks... tarted up lol

Thankyou very much missus. I am proud of me this week actually. What? Steak and kidney pie is AMAZING. British classic. I kinda hate Dr.Who but I will think of you as I skip the channel when its on :D

@Wei Sic Meow
Thank you very much! lol My pie is impressive and DELICIOUS. I shall post it soon :D

Thankyou, missus! I was glad she was being nice for a change too :D

@Ani Pesto
lol. You are welcome. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope your easter went better than mine!

lol. I like it, bending the rules.
Thanks. You should totally get a pedometer. I think my love for them is clear. :D

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
Thanks and happy easter to you too :D