Sunday, 12 April 2009



I had been trying super hard the last few weeks to make it to bloody six hundred. SERIOUS EFFORT. Then my gran came over for good Friday and she loves watching me on the wii. She thinks its amazing what it does and since I am a favourite its down to me show the wii fit. I didn't even change into my exercise shorts like I usually do, I thought I'll just give her a quick demo. AND BAM. I did six hundred the first time I showed her. With out concentrating! In my jeans! Couldn't believe it. Grrrrr but yay at the same time. On another positive number victory I hit 20, 000 steps yesterday. ok... ok.... the accountability part...

Despite the great high from this weeks loss and feeling great mind, body and spirit I went off on a Easter weekend blitz. Not chocolate eggs but take out food. I went out with my friends on Friday drank far more wine than was necessary and ate the worst Chinese food I have had in a long time. I don't think I would have minded this excess had I had a good time but no, it was eurgh. Not content with leaving it there I came home and had yet another Chinese take out. I didn't even resist. No fight. No effort. Just simply went ok. Afterwards I rationalised it as well its the last time I would be having it from there as I'm going home on Tuesday.... I'll work it off no sweat. I think I became a little cocky from this weeks results. My skin has broken out in protest from the crap I've eaten so far AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

Saying that, it is only Sunday... The day is young and the sun is shining. Maybe I can shift the stodge before it really clings to my hips. Back on plan, people, back on plan.


Emily said...

you go girl. back on plan indeed. :o)

Way to go with the Wii... YOu are just going so well with it. :o)

and 20,000 steps?? holy dooley.. I'd be lucky to do 500. lol. I am so slack!! But if I keep reading your blog I will be inspired to do more!! :o)

Dina said...

Holy crud, 20,0000 steps! Great job on the Wii!

TJ said...

YEAH!! Congrats on the 600!!! I like how your gran watches you! I make my family watch me on that too...I feel like a 5 year old ...look at me look at me! lol

20 THOUSAND STEPS!! HOLY MOLEY! Where did you walk to girl?? lol

Hope you have a good day!!


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Happy Easter, love the blog!

Managing Life said...

Happy Easter!!

Monica said...

Hi!! :)

20,000 steps! Thats insane in the membrane but awesome the opossum.

You get the point! Cheer up about the binginess and have a good day :)

Fat[free]Me said...

yeah, quick - shift it before it settles, lol!

Well done on the other good things, hopefully you will negate the indulgences with all that activity.

CactusFreek said...

Awesome scores!! You go girl!
Not much worse that crap chinese huh? Did you have that second lot coz you were all hyped up about eating chinese, that when you had the crap lot, you knew you wouldn't be satisfied until you'd had some good chinese? I do that sometimes :o/

MizFIt said...

go go go go go!

are you back on track entirely now?

youre doing do great with the wii---I still want one but (sigh) for now it isnt in the budget.

(please to invite me over :))

wildfluffysheep said...

thankyou. After 20,000 steps I slept like a frickin' log. Hope I do inspire you to step more :D

I know. I couldn't believe I hit the big 20. However, I read you did like 19 once so t'was a good motivator.

lol. I was dying for that 600 for ages. Yeah lol I felt like a five year old too but what ever makes 'em happy.

@Herbalife Las Vegas
Hope you had a great easter. Thankyou.

@Managing Life
Hope your easter was better than mine!

lol. Loved the rhyme :D Thanks

@ Fat{free]me
lol. thanks, missus.

Thankyou. Yes. Thats pretty much how it went down. Even though that justification sucks.

You're welcome anytime :D