Thursday, 16 April 2009

the EXTRA dreaded weigh in..

Yep. Last weeks four pounds back on.
Like the loss never happened.

On the plus side I am feeling much more positive and feel more securely on track. I did my hair :D painted my nails and dressed good. I feel great.This week is going to be good. I can feel it. I am stepping more. Theres no more crap food in the house. The weathers shit but that is not a problem I can exercise inside. Hopefully I can make it to the gym today. Positive. Positive. Positive.

Don't really have much else to say.
Except again, thanks for the support.


Aimee said...

next week when the 4 lbs are back off, it'll be like this week never happened. ;)

proud of you for getting back into things!!!

Dina said...

this week will be good, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

This week will be good. You'll see..Glad to see your mental outlook is shifting to the positive side.

TJ said...

I like your positive attitude! You CAN do it! :)

twinkelydots said...

So you're doing your nails! What a great way to pamper yourself. I started doing mine a few months ago.

Every tuesday night I sit down & pick out my color for the week. (We spell it Color in Emerica not Colour)

You're doing fantastic. Keep on keeping on!

Tony said...

Woot! Positive beams of sunshine :).

jo said...

Yay! Go, go, go!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

So glad you are feeling positive, you can do it and you will. Go girl!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I'm proud of you for keeping the positive attitude! It's amazing what a little primping can do, I'm actually going to dress up for work today (what no hoodie and running shoes?!).

antgirl said...

An echo of Aimee. Your *off* week will disappear, too.

Glad you are taking care of yourself. You deserve the extra attention from you. One step at a time, Stepping Wii Girl, one step at a time.

Carlos said...

shit sorry... but hang in there next week will be different

Its all about me said...

Nice to hear you being so positive. You can do this and all the comments you get is proof.

ani pesto said...

loving and seconding what Aimee said :-)

wildfluffysheep said...

I hope so. *fingers crossed*
And thanks :D

@ Dina
I can do it. yay to being back on track.

Definitely gone to the positive side!

thank you for the encouragement!

@Twinkely dots
I am indeedy. It makes me feel so much better. lol @ color in Emerica
Thanks for the support, missus.

Amen to that.

thanks! I'ma going going going.

me too. Thannks, m'lovely.

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
thankyou. im proud of me too. kudos on dressing up for work :D I love my hoodies...

Thanks, missus. lol@ stepping wii girl :D

this week has been different!

@its all about me
Very true. The comments/support has been amazing. Thanks for being apart of that

@ani pesto
Me too :D