Saturday, 18 April 2009

Happy go lucky....

I haven't worn a skirt in like 5 years.
On impulse I tried on old one I had hanging in the back of the wardrobe.
And it bloody fit me.
And the sun is shining. Just doing my hair and putting in some earrings each morning makes a fucking world of difference. So major love to all those who suggested I do these simple things to make myself feel better when I was deep my in my selfpity party. It really helps me stay on track because I am feeling good in general and don't want't to lose this feeling. On a few blogs this week I read that if only we could bottle this feeling for when we hit the hard times. I know exactly what they mean. I am literally buzzing as I write this. My feet can't stop still. 

On another positive note, we actually had people over last night and not once did I feel self concious or fat like I usually do in social situations. Granted it was only a couple of good people but I'm counting it as a postive because I would usually be thinking the whole time shes so slim and I'm such a moose. And because of that I am braving another social gathering, yes people, I am coming out of hermitville WATCH OUT. Because the weather is actually hot and sunny some peeps are cracking out the barbecue and having a garden party (the sun is rare here in England, you got to pounce on it, and when I say hot, I mean its not raining lol) So yay things are looking good. I just hope this feeling lasts. I am doing super with my eating and even better with my water. Steps and exercise are on the way.


Anonymous said...

Baby steps..You are doing great!!!

Enjoy your next gathering..So proud of you!

TJ said...

:) get out there and shine girl! :) Sometimes all it takes it adding some sparkly earrings and getting a lil dressed up for me too! :) Cute skirt too! :)

Enjoy your sun while you have it! Might hit 90 here! YIKES

Dina said...

Cute skirt!

like your socks :)

Chubby Chick said...

You're on a roll! Keep up the good work... AND the great attitude! :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You look great! Ugh...I can't rock the skirt like you do, it makes me kinda sad lol.

arielcircleofnine said...

I recently bought a couple of new skirts too! Makes ya feel all girly...along with the earrings, the hair, some makeup. Those things really DO make us feel great. Yesterday I felt all unmotivated and BLAH, until I forced myself to clean up a bit and then voila!!! Happier me!
I like the way your hair flips up at the ends, very cute!!!
Keep up the goodness, all that positive energy feeds off itself and the momentum will carry you through.
Have a lot of fun at the next gathering, far far away from Hermitville!

Lori said...

Great job! And closet shopping is almost as fun as 'real' shopping!

Tricia said...

You look cute :)

Glad to see you're lovin' life, friend.

Emily said...

hey - you are looking good in your skirt!! :o)
Loving the socks too girl. ;o)

That is also great about the people coming over too and you feeling good.

woot. :o)

jo said...

YOU are a ray of sunshine! When the sun's not shining, YOU are!!!

Its all about me said...

You look fab in the skirt hun. LOVE the socks how cool are they.

Well done on the social gatherings after a while they will be normal to you and then people will be saying under their breath about you being slim and they feel like mooses ha ha ha. You are going to get there for sure.

big_mummy said...

you should be so proud of yourself you are doing great!! love the socks

wildfluffysheep said...

Awww thank you, missus :D I did!

I am indeedy shining :D Thanks! Oh believe me I am taking advantage of this goooooood weather.

Thanks and thanks :D

@Chubby Chick
*high fives* The attitude is here to stay.

@ugly girl with a beautiful heart
lol. I wish I rocked that skirt but thanks :D

It does make you feel all girly! You gotta do what makes you happy though :D Positive energy is good momentum. *nods* lots away from hermityville

Very true! and its cheaper! thanks

thanks, missus!

thanks and thanks :D

That was a really lovely thing to say. It made me beam (pun intended)

@its all about me
Thank you very much m'lovely :D lol I cant wait til that happens. lol I'm sick of being the moose!

@big mummy
thank you and thank you :D