Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wibble wobbble....

...wibble wobble jelly on a cross trainer! My worry of the week is back fat. Yep. Obsessed. I was working away on the cross trainer, feet a pedalling arms a pulling to and fro and BAM. wibble wobble wibble wobble. The back fat was moving like crazy. I could actually feel it. It was disgusting but in motivating me to go faster it wobbled and wibbled more. Then it became the sole focus. BACK FAT BACK FAT BACK FAT EURGH. Even when I left the gym and went to the library to study, as I was bent over my books I was like how does my back fat come across? just how lumpy is it? does it wobble all the time? is it wibbling right now? Are people staring at it? Finally managed to get it to the back burner and got a couple of hours studying in but jeesh... Not what I need with my exams to focus on.....

Also I discovered oooooooooogling the hotties is not conducive to a good work out. I was staring/day dreaming about my future life with one particular fitty and almost fell of the bike. That would have been embarrassing but seriously he was beautiful.... *sighs*

On the positive side I've been managing to gym it around studying at the library, even if it is just for an hour but :( have slacked on my blogging. I've literally been getting up, studying, eating right, going to the gym and by the time I get home I'm exhausted. I practically fall into bed with all my clothes on. So sorry to posting late and missing out on all the good and not so good shit in bloggerdom. I am working on things :D

My mp3 player broke a little while back and it was stuck playing on one album. (Jimmy Eat World, Clarity) Awesome album but that's all I could listen to and after a while you need some thing fresh. So I borrowed some pennies off my mam and bought a new one. Relatively cheap. Sixty squids. It came y.day. OMG the power of new music has totally rejuvenated my work out and also my mundane journey to the gym. :D

I was up extra early to day because I had a doctors appointment. That annoyed me because it was early, but what annoyed me more was when I got there and checked in, THEY DIDN'T CHECK ME IN. I was told to take a seat and things were running late.  3o minutes later I went over and asked how much longer it would be and the woman said they hadn't marked me as present and that they were sorry and I would be next. I didn't see the doctor til another half an hour. Then I had to have an internal exam. GARGH. I am more postive now but earlier was not the best start to the morning. On a good note she couldn't feel any cysts and I'm not with child so they have to take bloods to work out why my period is five months late.  Digressing...

Back to studying....

[I'm in the library right now (taking a break from studying) and just wanted to say there is the most beautiful boy sitting across from me. I FEEL LIKE A MOOSE. On the plus side he did smile at me :D]

Sorry bit of a long one.. haven't posted in a couple days or something...


Emily said...

I bet the beautiful boy at the gym has people falling off their exercise bikes all the time when he walks by. He probably doesn't notice though. heheh

I hope you are ok - in relation to your period being five months late (wow) and find out soon what the problem is.

back fat sucks!!!!
Good luck with exams and studying. :o)

Fat[free]Me said...

I want to get the fat off my back too - mind you, I think I want the fat off my tummy first (bet it doesn't work like that, eh?).

So glad to see you post, I was a tad worried you were struggling - hence my bizarre additional comment on your last post, lol. Relieved that it is work, working-out and sleeping that is keeping you away.

I tell ya, it is the hotties that keep me focussed at the gym - I fall off the equipment/bump into things quite regularly - hotty-oggling or not.

Way to go with the new music - it really helps keep boredam at bay, doesn't it.

That thing at the surgery has happened to me too. Grrr. How odd about your cycle being screwed up - hope they find out why soon.

Well done on keeping on top of things - you are doing very well!

Fat[free]Me said...

erm, I do know how to spell boredom - tsk!

CactusFreek said...

Post a pic here of your back [take it in the mirror] we'll be honest.
I call the fat on my back 'Back boobs' lol
You are doing soooooooo awesomely! It was only a few short months ago that you were really struggling!
You go girl! :o)

Dina said...

Yay about the new mp3 player!

Sorry about your doctors appointment, that sounds sucky!

Aimee said...

the moose comment cracked me up.

be careful on that bike! ;)

you rock!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the workouts,the studies, and the food program..you're making amazing progress

TJ said...

You crack me up...I wore a bra that I bought then put away last year cuz it was too tight. I wore it over the weekend and turned around adn asked my BF if it made me have lumpy back fat...he didnt get it...I guess women only know about that. lol

Girl you are a lil boy-crazy huh? lol I would stare at the cuties at the gym too...then my BF came in (late from work) and I had to stop drooling. lol

Hope all turns out well from the Dr. visit!! Let us know!!


jo said...

You are doing really well with your health. Good luck with the doctor results.

Back fat--here today, gone in time.

I love that you are oogling the boys. lol I used to do that in the school library as well--be careful doing it at the gym!

p.s. Wally-World is Wal-mart

Becca55 said...

I think the one part of my body i hate the most is my back fat. I have posted pictures of it on my blog once, because I have lost 100 pounds and it has not budged, i am afraid it wont go away!

Horay for hotties at the gym, gives you something to look at and think about other than working/sweating your butt off.

Anonymous said...

Yay for fresh music! Have fun looking at the hottie! LOL you crack me up!!

Good luck studying and stop worrying about your back fat! I'm sure it's not as bad as you think ;P

twinkelydots said...

Yeah on the new music!

I coined the term "bra smile". When I have women trying on dresses that are too tight I'll tell them they have bra smile and they know exactly what I mean.

It took a while for me to teach Steve about telling women they have bra smile but now he's comfortable saying it to customers.

I never knew our backs sagged until I road on a plane next to a woman who told me that no matter how hard she works out she couldn't keep her back from sagging.

Now I know what she was talking about.

arielcircleofnine said...

OK, I still havent gotten any fun knickers, no stickers and certainly not a new MP3 player! Well, come to think of it I do have a new one and an old one...nothing fancy but Ive been lazy with loading them up with fresh tunes. Now Im inspired. Maybe it will get my big butt a'movin!!!!
Thats awesome the beautiful boy smiled at you! I hope you didnt shyly look away but smiled full on back at him??? :-D

Monica said...

My period was late for a long time when I started exercising this year. I went all off cycle so maybe thats whats going on with you!

You are my hero with your workouts and with Beautiful Boy.(s) Cant wait to see pics! You should tell them about your blog :)

[insert eye roll here]

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

LOL!!! I love watching the hotty hot guys at the gym. I'm like invisible to half of them since I'm in cardio land and they are in free weightsville, but its so now to see.

Good luck with school/exams/studying!

jessi said...

It makes me absolutely. furious. when I get to a Dr. appointment early and they don't check me in. That just happened to me not long ago and I thought I was going to go through the roof! I don't have a lot of patience. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Just replying to your question about Biggest Loser over here - have so far missed every episode except yesterday's (it is on too early for me!), so hope to catch up online this evening.

Thanks for your supportive comments - hope the exam stress isn't getting you down. Keep up the gym workouts if you can - it is a good stress buster and a healthy body makes for a healthy mind. All the better for your studies!