Friday, 24 April 2009


It's been a while since this happened and then it happens twice with in twenty four hours!

I was going to get my stickers in town and I was weaving through the busy afternoon crowds when some kids on bikes were bustling through. I saw the crowd split so I went left to avoid them and one of them wasn't looking where he was going and swerved into me, I managed to side step him just in time but looked at him to say wtf? And right in the middle of the crowd he yelled 'Well if you weren't so fuckin' big!' Every one just looked at me. I was mortified. So got the stickers and hurried off to the gym. As I rounded the student union a car slowed down and some boys yelled fatty out of the window. I took a deep breathe and went to the gym. I just ignored it but twice in one day? Come on people, cut me some slack! Instead of motivating me to work harder at the gym I just felt like what's the point. So I kinda just did the usual but without much gusto. Gargh.

Despite the stickers I'm finding right now that my motivation is lacking. The revision and long hours in the library is driving me insane. I feel like I have zero life. Eat right, revise, exercise and sleep. Repeated like a million times. Not fun. Also I feel like I'm really behind in catching up on peoples blogs which is sucky 'cause you guys are awesome. I don't want to cry but I can feel it on coming...


TJ said...

No tears! :( Im sorry that you stumbled upon some rude people out there in the real world. But look how you are taking care of yourself! I am proud of you and I hope that you don't let the words of some punk kids get you down.


:) tj

Anonymous said...

sometimes a good cry is what we need to let the emotions that have built up in us out..It's away of dealing with said emotions versus turning to food.
You still went to the gym..That's an a+ in my book..Would the old you have done that? See great changes have been made..Find your balance inside the rest will fall into place. :)

arielcircleofnine said...

I dont know why creeps like them think that they have open invitations to comment on anyone else's appearance! I had a similar experience last weekend with a woman staring at me in a disapproving manner (dont know what was up her ass). Dont let it get to you--and I really am very happily surprised you pushed on to the gym anyway. Alot of people--me included may have just turned right around and eaten some horrible food and skipped the work out. You already won. You rock, they suck. Game over :-D

twinkelydots said...

Fuckers. Seriously. Fuckers.

"Yeah but you're an idiot & I'm losing weight! You'll always be a moron!"


Kind of like the woman last night who asked me when I was due.


Monica said...

I hope you remembered what they look like, cause in about 6 months or so, theyll be begging for your number ;)~

Dina said...

Sorry you had a bad day :(

Chews to Lose said...

What effin assholes, seriously. Don't they get that it doesn't help. I'm sorry you had that happen today and twice, no less. Probably little man syndrome. You still went to the gym and that's all that counts.

foolsfitness said...

When I kayaked I was taught always head for the calm water in a river. Calm water has depth.

The pasts of the river that are frothing white and in a frenzy are actually the most shallow.

You can always choose to loose weight if you want to, they however -I wonder if they even have the ability to choose not to be morons...

Perhaps feel sorry for them. It's them that are really weak, needing to put down others to push themselves up out of their hollow egsistances.

As long as they buzz, scream, yell, and race around they don't have that moment of quiet where they hear what is themselves.

After all, Chaos in quietness is the foolsfitness way! -Alan

antgirl said...

Awwww. Let it out if you need to. Think of there faces under your feet or wherever on your next workout. What asses! Karma will bite them back in the ass.

Good for you for carrying on with your day. Jerks.

Remember your powerful new knickers. They will put bad mojo on them. :)You got a posse behind you, too.

Maybe you need to schedule in something fun or something that rejuvenates you. It's as important as the other stuff. Take care of you!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Awh that is soo terrible to hear. People can be soo mean sometimes. The challenge is to let the negativy motivate you, but it can be very hard. I know I have been struggling lately and I take the best products in the world. I know the feeling of despair.

big_mummy said...

i cannot believe that! so discusting. please dont take it to heart, i often think its what people say because they know it gets a reaction. xx

ani pesto said...

turds!! total and utter turds

Like AlleyCat said on my post about the same thing "And may the flea's of 1000 camels infest their scrawny little armpits!!!"

Kudos for steaming ahead to the gym! I really hope it didn't get you too down. It might be little consolation but I try to imagine that their life must be 100 times worse than my own for them to feel the need to abuse a stranger in that way. If I feel pity for them I'm less likely to feel quite so pitiful and powerless myself.

jo said...

What assholes.

Look at the source, pity them, and move on.

Yes, it stings when stuff like that happens, but don't you let it stop you! You're doing so well.

You don't want some little twerps to have such power over you, do you?

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Wow. takes 42 muscles to frown,28 muscles to smile,but only 4 muscles to reach out and slap someone.

Don't let other people affect your journey. I hope you feel better soon love.

Carlos said...

people suck. i was in a pub once in london and some dick yelled fat bastard, fat bastard, fat! and pointed at me. fucker was lucky i am a man of peas

Learning to be Less said...

What a bunch of jackasses! One day they will probably be living out of that car and begging for jobs to flip burgers or scrub toilets.

It's always the most ignorant and weak who speak and insult others.

I teach 1st grade and last year one of the kids came up to me so happy to say "my dad says your really fat" this man was an illegal immigrant with no job and was quite obese himself. I am losing weight, he is still obese with no job. I win! Jackass.

You are super cute and doing fabulous. Remember you are doing this for you, don't let some little douche bags ruin things for you.

Fat[free]Me said...


Well, they are wonkers and fick em, I say, fick em!

I know who I would rather have as a friend and it is YOU not them, they just aren't worth it - you ARE.

More hugs x

Emily said...

wow. People really suck sometimes.

Chin up sweet girl! x

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Should have told those douches to "jog on, walk on, good bye, bon voyage, FUCK OFF!"

Forget those dickheads, you're freakin' rocking it!

And hey, cry if you need to. Just take care of yourself, you deserve it!

Fat[free]Me said...

Just a quick note to wish you well with your exams - hope you are coping OK!

SeaShore said...

They were insecure, childish jerks and you were their random victum. You will pick yourself up and keep on the wonderful path you are on, and they will still be jerks. Weep for them, the losers.