Friday, 8 May 2009

I am frickin' on it....

Smiles all round today. Despite the miserable weather. I don't know what people count as early but I don't usually drag myself outta my warm bed until 9-10am so when I say I got up at 7am I mean I was up well early! Went to the gym. THAT'S RIGHT. Fought off the sleepiness and went for my first early morning exercise. And oh my days it feels sooooo much better. Got in there and sweated like a politician with his pants round his ankles! OH YEAH. Rocked that work out I did. It has really set me up for the day. Drank a litre and a half of water too. I have been struggling with that.... so woohoo.

All set for a sedate revision session after lunch. (I do not study well in the mornings. More afternoon onwards...) As I was feeling super low this past week I have decided to remind myself of why I am doing this. So I looked at length at my motivation book. It did the trick. I saw the naked pictures of me and the motivation just came flooding back. Obviously self disgust is a powerful tool. Also I have a list of reasons why I hate being fat/want to be slim. There's 60 so far. I am going to out down my top ten right here right now.

(some you really don't want to hear about so I'm leaving that shizzle out)
1. No more chafing thighs. It just sucks. A lot.
2. Fit properly on the bus seat. I hate that I don't and I'm sick of praying no one sits next to me. I don't want to squash up against people.
3. To not be out of breath just going up one flight of stairs. That embarrasses me.
4. I want to be able to swap clothes with my sister. She has amazing clothes.
5. For my boobs to stick out more than my stomach. I hate that my stomach is so sticky out.
6. To eat in public and not think that people are watching me thinking look at the fat moose she shouldn't be eating that.
7. To no longer be the token fat girl amongst my friends. I hate being invisible in social situations/nights out with my friends on the pull
8. I want to be able to wear a dress without wearing a pair of jeans under it. I cannot stand the sight of my legs right now.
9. I would like to feel my ribs without pushing into 10 inches of flab.
10. Just to not feel like I am going to have a heart attack doing anything that isn't usual routine.

I want to start the C25K thing tomorrow. Hopefully saying this now it will remind me. I forgot to post post weigh in pictures... so ta-dah.


Fat[free]Me said...

A motivation book is a great idea - currently I have a motivation fridge (pictures of fat me and an old one of me running)!

Tee-hee - you know no.7 is going to cause confusion!

Great to read how up you sound and woo-hoo at that 7am thing (I don't do early mornings, lol)!

Finally caught up with BL - disappointed Lisa went so soon, have loads of criticism of the show in general, might blog about it later!

Keep up the awesome awesomeness!

TJ said...

YES! WTG on an early rise adn heading to the gym! I love it!! :) I like your list. I want my thighs to stop rubbing together so I can wear a sun dress and not get skin burn. lol


Carlos said...

love that list

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the early morning workout!
Great list of reason's for wanting to lose the weight. Mine are similar!

jo said...

Great list! Great job getting up early.

I love the idea of a motivatio book!

I love your shirt!

antgirl said...

I think you look pretty now and you're selling yourself short. :)

Your goals are really fab and I so relate to so many of them. Can I make a tiny suggestion? Add a few goals that aren't weight related but might be more attainable if you're healthier?

It helps me when otherwise my motivation wanes ... because there are other things I want.

Have a really fabulous weekend. I'll be up at the observatory and watching Henry.

foolsfitness said...

Hey, your sister should be in envy of you for that rocking pluto shirt! Do all your fans get autographed pictures?

I'm with you on most of them, but I got to pass on number five... being a guy, that would be weird for me. Actually a chest bigger than my stomach would rock, I'd really like that V instead of and O.

I've always wanted those bumps in my lats to show, it makes me think of a shark's gills.

I'm trying to push into a morning workout routine, koodos to you, it's so hard to get up.

After all hitting the snooze button is the foolsfitness way!-Alan

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous. Waking up early and going to the gym? That's well proper! Tack about kick ass :D

Hope the revision went well.

Oh, and the C25K. If you start I'll totally jump on the band wagon and force myself to get out there!

CactusFreek said...

Great motivation! But how about you work on the positives rather than the negitives? What would you like? rather that what you don't want :o)
I'm working on a motivation plan too. I need visual stuff more than anything!
I only saw one pic. The second wouldn't load. You look heaps different that your avatar and that terrible header picture!

CactusFreek said...

When i went back the pic loaded :o)

arielcircleofnine said...

I love the idea of a list. I have all these thoughts just clanking around in my brain so maybe it would help to organize them!
I hear you on the self disgust. Actually, seeing pictures of myself last summer and becoming disgusted by my blubber got me seriously trying to get my weight and health under control. Very powerful visual tool!
Not to sound gay or anything (not that there is anything WRONG with that!), but you DO look pretty and you have a very nice shape--slim legs and curvy hips! Slowly melting away to reveal the sessy-ness beneath is what you're doing!
Keep going, and "dang" for getting up early and going to the gym! Good for you!!! :-D