Saturday, 9 May 2009

Whoa...I feel good, I knew that I would NOW

Above are my new items of the week.First up, welcome Kev. Kev is my new teeny weeny kettle bell. And man does he give you an intense workout. I read up on kettle bell usage for a couple of hours and it suggests women should start out with a 7k one but I bought a 2.5k one and BOY that is more than enough. I think a 7k would have killed me. We'll see how it goes....

Secondly.... My old nikes died on my last trip on the cross trainer. The sole came away from the shoe and gave me a blister. Well, I couldn't abandon the session, I needed to do an hour. So I borrowed some money out of the fat fund my Gran has been saving for me. And PURRRRchased this awesome new even cooler pair. It's like walking on air. *SIGH* I love them.

After the kettle bell work out and my gym session yesterday I slept like a log. I mean I was like dead to the world. I slept so soundly that I didn't hear the postman ring the bell :( So now I have to trek to the post office to get my package. Well all those extra steps will be cool :D
So far today. I've changed and washed my bed sheets. Doing that always give me extra energy. I LOVE the smell of clean sheets. woohooo to bed time. I also put a load of washing in and hung it out to dry. Started revision. I feel energetic and happy and gutted that I really have to devote most of today to revision. Didn't get too much done yesterday.

I always thought my wrists and hands were not that fat but after I had blood taken on Thursday. I realised how fat they actually are. My wrist is covered in like 10 bruises. I was trying to scrub them off in the shower earlier because I thought it was dirt. The nurse couldn't get the blood from the crook of my elbow so she went for the wrist. She got it quick and painless but I bled like a mo'fo. And today. BRUISES. So when I was looking at them I realised when my wrist bends it creates an ugly little fat pocket. See evidence below.


CactusFreek said...

Those bells do look good. Now i don't think i'll buy one after what you said lol
The shoes look great!!
That 'fat pocket' just looks like a wrist bend :oÞ

Anonymous said...

love the bell and shoes..yahooo for you..kickin bum and taking names later..great job!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Ah, I've got the wrist fat pocket thing too :D

Those kettle bell things scare me. They look dangerous.

And your new shoes look awesome! Hard out retro kind of styling :D

Monica said...

lmao@Kev. Welcome Kev!

Kettlebells are awesome, I wish I had followed suit and gotten a 7k one but mine is 26lbs!! Pain in the you know what!

antgirl said...

J'adore pink! Love the Nikes!

I am still laying low with the weights ... probably for the whole week. I'll do other workouts.

*The Tudors* is quite good. I ended up with discs 3 & 4, so missed the first six episodes. I'll catch up on those later. I watched disc 3, which was very enjoyable. Now I feel I must watch the rest of the series.

Well, I'm off to the observatory for the day ... hope you get your revision done.

big_mummy said...

another one with the fat wrists checking in! I was so fed up a week or so ago, i was on some website looking for ideal weights, and it sorted it by frame size, so i go and mesaure my wrist and i was 1 INCH bigger than the god damned large framed. not happy.

the bell looks cool, i have to admit i was checking them out last night after catching up on biggest loser.

Losing Waist! said...

Those are some fancy shoes. I love a pair of stylish sneakers and take pride in mine...usually, until I saw yours. High top, including velcro- fantastic!

Tricia said...

Man, I could never pull off those shoes. They're really cute though! Jealous!

Ugh, I've been annoyed by my own fat wrist lately. I keep staring at the fold anytime I see it like WHEN DID YOU GET THERE?? Stupid fat!

arielcircleofnine said...

Ive got TWO of those horribly annoying wrist folds!!!! At least they match eh? Lets not obsess shall we? :-D
I want to try one of those bells. Just would have to read up on what to actually DO with one?
The shoes are TOTALLY retro just like Fat Lazy Guy said...makin me think of tying a bandana around your thigh, wearing a sleevless mesh top and attempting a spine crushing breakdance move! Say, 1986? Though you prolly dont recall that year as well as I do!
:-D I love all things retro!

Learning to be Less said...

I like the new purchases. I was looking into kettle bell stuff to. Do you like the workouts? When you get a chance, stop by my blog - - I gave you an award today. Your blog is so fun to read.

SeaShore said...

Cool shoes!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on picking up some new toys!

I adore climbing into a freshly sheeted comforting.

Fat[free]Me said...

Ooooh, I love those trainers! Want!

Course, you know the deal with regard the fat on your wrist, don't you? It will disappear MONTHS before the fat on your butt, cos that is the way life is,see.

7kg sounds like enough for the kettle bell, best to start slowly. Never tried them, but they do look good.

Why haven't the trainers been given names too? I demand equal rights for footwear!