Sunday, 10 May 2009

If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?

If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?
Do it with me.

Immortal Wham lyrics there. (I'm your man lyrics to be exact) Wish I was around to appreciate the eighties. I was born tooooo late. Anyways, This song played while I was in the gym. And though it refers to something else, in that moment it applied to my weight loss journey. If I am GOING to DO it, then I should DO it RIGHT. And right now I am. I just hope I can carry this momentum forward for a long while. Another song kinda inspired me whilst I was working out today. Insomnia by Faithless. An awesome dance tune. When the bit for hard core ravin' comes on I doubled my effort on the cross trainer something bad. Worked up an almighty sweat. It felt awesome. Today I am patting myself on the back. Its Sunday, I always reserve this time for mooching and reading in bad til early afternoon. NOT TODAY. That's right people I was in the gym for 9.30 on a Sunday.

There were no hotties in the gym today so no oogling just pure concentration, focus. However, there was this one girl in front of me on my cross trainer. I didn't stare or anything but I did notice her nice figure and her cool clothes. She wasn't super skinny nor was she chubby. She was curvy and toned in all the right places. And I thought I wouldn't mind looking like that. That was my ideal look. *sigh*

One thing that is kinda bugging me right now is my belly. The fat below my equator line (where the belly button lives) is shrinking, I can feel the difference it definitely is getting smaller. However the fat above the belly button is not budging, not one little bit and is now creating the biggest over hang over my trousers ever. And its soft and wobbly. Eurgh. It grosses me out to the max. Eurgh. Eurgh. Eurgh.

One last thing... I've been managing to get in my 1.5 -2 litres of water a day. I can feel the benefits of it. But also I am peeing like theres no tomorrow! Serisously... I'm peeing that much that the trips to the toilet are bumping up my steps. Small grumbles though. Everything is awesome right now.



Fat[free]Me said...

Yay! I was at the gym for 9.30 of this a.m. too! GO us!

I am seriously considering making my own motivational playlist for interval training. I know there are downloadable ones for running training, but I would like my own.

You are doing so well - keep on doing it right, right!

Carlos said...

kick ass progress AND 80s lyrics? double awesome

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work and progress..great job on the workout this morning.

big_mummy said...

what a wicked post!! love it. full of happiness. i know the exact kind of body she would have had, coz i so want that too. just so you look nice in clothes etc. ironiclly she probably isnt happy with her bod lol.

and wham- faithless? both awesomeness. will have to listen to the faithless on my ipod next time im walking, i got a good time when i walked listening to my 90's hardcore lol.

so what year were you born if you missed the 80's by being tooooooo young??

Kate said...

LoL, the peeing will slow down, just give your body a little more time to get used to being so hydrated. :)

twinkelydots said...

As a person who lived thru the 80's and worked as both a club dj & radio dj I'd have to disagree with you.

Not really fond of the 80's music. Just sayin'.

I am fond of you & your accomplishments. You're doing fantastic!

As for the belly fat I keep getting told that it will disappear. Just would like it to be gone NOW!

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

I didn't get to enjoy the 80s either, haha. But I like thos lyrics and the thoughts behind them. Keep it up girl!

Chubby Chick said...

I know how you feel. Out of all the fat on my body... I hate my belly fat the most! We just need to keep up the hard work... and it WILL be gone someday! :)

antgirl said...

One of my club pals, her favorite band was Wham. I did live through the 80's ... good times.

The body goes through a lot of flux. Eventually it starts to looking all right. Yet again, there are bits we are never satisfied with.

Yippee on your great motivation. It's me who has been the slacker ... I fell all to pieces lately ...

Emily said...

Oh Wham!! sigh. (although I don't know that song from them... I know "wake me up before you go go" and all that, but I remember the dance version of "I'm your man" by someone else). And Faithless - WICKED. :o) (god is a dj is my fave but I love insomnia too)
And you were born tooooo late into a world that doesn't care.. Do you wish you were a punk rocker with flowers in your hair? hehe
Isn't it amazing how music can change the way we work out? It's brilliant. :o)

And way to go you - going to the gym on a sunday(not your mother's day over there...) You rock. (and so early)

word verification is "dippen" - I don't know .. I see that and think of chocolate.. dippen in chocolate. hehe. don't mind me. get thee to a gym!

CactusFreek said...

Feeling your belly vanish would be awesome! Do you have a bit of a hanger? I do and i hate it!
And go you on the water consuption. I think that's a battle on it's own :o/

arielcircleofnine said...

see your body is CHANGING!!! Dont worry it will all change eventually--I hate when I read that you cannot spot reduce. I know, I know, if I could Id reduce my tummy, upper arms and thighs though!! And honestly, my problem is my lower belly, so maybe we could work out a trade haha.
I did live through the 80s, but I gotta have the more alternative new wave and what xm radio calls dark wave!
Anyhoo, you are seriously ON A ROLL with that gym-going and water consumption!! YESSSS!