Saturday, 13 June 2009

Feeling the burn....

oh my days! I can feel like every frickin' muscle in my body aching! EVERY MUSCLE BURNS.

Yes. I brought it on my self. I bought the EA Sports active thing m'jiggy for the wii. It was my first day of the thirty day challenge and boy was it a frickin' challenge. I went with a low intensity one as I've only been to the gym once this week (first time in like three). I now fear any high intensity ones. eeep. The squats were hard and the shoulder bend things were intense. I loved the cardio boxing.

I love my wii fit but I have played it to death. I felt a bit guilty buying the new fitness thing. lol. weird I know but *shrug* I will try to use the wii fit just as much, I am sure. But there are major advantages to the sports active than the wii fit. lol. PRAISE. you get lots of it and encouragement. I loved that lol. There was like a crowd applauding after I did 8. ;) I'm liking it....

Enough of the review. :D

Goals for the week:

need to drink more water
get my veggie/fruit 5 a day
go to bed earlier
not to panic when eating out

ok... I'm off to have my hair cut. And going to a bbq this afternoon. Fingers crossed I don't let my appetite loose.

over and out!


TJ said...

I love that game! I sweat so bad when I use it! lol Enjoy the burn- when I first used it I couldnt sit to pee without crying out in pain for 4 days! FUN TIMES! HAHA!

antgirl said...

The cheering sounds great. That's quite an incentive. It must feel good.

Have fun at your BBQ and getting a new 'do.

big_mummy said...

its great i need to get back on it! RESTART the 30 day challenge! i sweated buckets.

so you said MORE free stuff? what did ya get? i dont remember.

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for getting back to the grind! I didn't know the game exsisted. I'll have to go check it out :o)

Are we going to see your new haircut?

arielcircleofnine said...

awesome! and dont feel guilty you deserve it; all the pain and glory hehehe. I laugh, but that will be ME tomorrow when I work out for the first time in weeks myself!
Have fun and go get your hair did all pretty!

Jenn said...

Good for you - you're back in the game! That Active thing gets great reviews from everyone - you should see good results.

big_mummy said...

aww did you?? what did you use? I used the strawb body cream yesterday- delish