Friday, 17 July 2009

manchester and shizzle

OK who missed me? jokes... Completely forget I was skedaddling off to Manchester for a couple of days to stay with my friend Rob (a.k.a plague rat). Was a little bit worried I wouldn't stay on plan but I DID. Awesomely too I might add. Ate perfectly. Went to the gym twice. Only for an hour each time but I rocked that frickin' cross trainer. I miss my old gym. FULL OF HOTTIES. I miss perving on them as I work out. It makes the tiny gym here suck, in fact I am not looking forward to going back to this one. great things

I got from my mini trip...

1. i discovered i love houmous (sp?)
2. prevented an almighty binge by buying a new bag instead.
3. i am not going clothes shopping til i lose like 100 pounds

4. i can go to the cinema and not snack

5. i got in over 15.000 steps each day

6. a break from all the drama at home

7. its great not t
o sleep on an air bed
8. i frickin' love manchester. i miss it sooooo much.

9. i finally got the sticker and the simpson stamps Tricia sent me.

10. i went to see pub
lic enemy. AWESOME.
11. discovered an amazing delicatessen.
12. rob was super nice. drove me lots of places :D

13. didnt eat any of the chocolates i got to thank him with

However I did have a mini meltdown. I vowed I wouldn't do it til I was sure that I had moved down a size. I thought I had my. stomach has shrunk quite a lot but the thighs are not moving. the fat underneath my belly button has decreased a heck of a lot but above is not budging and creating a horrid over hang. so now downsize in the clothes department. i just snapped and then cried. and felt shitty. and was this close [ ] to going over to krispy kremes an stuffing my face but then I spotted the bag. and it calmed me. quickly purchased it and all was right with the world and i am so happy i saw it because I do not need doughnuts right now. I NEED TO SUCK IT UP AND STOP WHINING AND JUST DEAL.

below are some awesome pictures. my new funky bag that i totally LOVE and ofcourse the sticker and cool stamps i got from Tricia :D


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You misspelled houmurse...humouse...hummers...humm...

F*ck it...

Watching and Weighting said...

Who moose? Me moose?


Wait, so how comes you're no longer in Mancland?

And well in for your visit and sticking to plan! WAHOOP!!!!!


F. McButter Pants said...

That Mr. Sh*t makes me laugh! And YES I MISSED YOU!

Love your bag...very cute. It was just begging for you to buy it!

Loved your list. So glad you were able to get away from the family drama. I know it weighs alot on you. When does school start again??

I never get treats for the movie....too expensive. The cost of the ticket is already too much! I will have to check out Public Enemies.

Keep your chin can so do this!!

TJ said...

that would be hummus... :) and man do I love it too!

Love the bag--- uumm see you got a sticker!! TRICIA??!! lol

Looks like you did very well on your mini vacation! Good job! Hang in there my friend! You are doing so well- it really doesnt happen over night (my thighs are still HUGE! LOL)

:) tj

Fat[free]Me said...

You can spell hummous any way you like - it varies from country to country anyway. I am going to call it chick pea pate instead I think!

Well done on a great visit (and yes, I did miss you - nearly sent you a "where are you?" type note, lol).

Now you do know the fat doesn't go from the right places at first, my belly is still huge and the weight is going from my back and knees now, for goodness sake.

Love the bag (and a GREAT meltdown body swerve)!

arielcircleofnine said...

yay for being back, yay for that bag which I wouldve purchased for myself too, and YAY for staying on plan while in Manchester. Thats quite an accomplishment!!!
I feel ya on the body changing oddness. There is no rhyme or reason to what shrinks and what stays at all. Bizarre.
I love hummus too, however you spell it. But I could eat WAY too much of it, along with some warm pita bread for dipping!! yums

Dina said...

Ooh I love your bag!

Great job on the 15,000 steps too!

Tricia said...

Cute bag, miss. So who is this fella??

Glad you got your sticker :) Hopefully Chuck doesn't take as long to get to you guys.

Monica said...

Hummus? Whats it taste like?

Cute bag! I love it! Im glad you did so well while on a mini vacay!

big_mummy said...

hummous on the pack right?? whatever way, still yum.

go you on avoiding the krispy kremes, you rocked, and love the bag lol.

Carlos said...

awesome trip and tricia box am i the only one that hasn't gotten one!

jessi said...

i have received nothing from Tricia . . . i'm just waiting for chuck :( sad face. I WANT THAT BAG!!!!!

Joy said...

fab - well done avoiding those doughnuts.

Hummus, houmous, hommos, hommus, hummos, hummous.. all correct. Really hard to spell that word wrong!

Learning to be Less said...

Girl I just love you. No tears needed, you will get down a size. IT WILL HAPPEN. I am so glad you bought the bag instead. That is more like an investment.

So glad you had fun but I am more glad you are back!

Oh and the perving at the gym? I love it!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

You could start up a new charity! Bags for Binges! :) So glad to hear you didn't give in. And awesome that you had a good time :)

*high fives* for learning things! :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

So proud of you for sticking to plan! I'm not on vaca and I can't even do it...epic fail dude lol.

Good for you on purse binging rather than food binging. Woohoo! Cah-ute!

antgirl said...

I missed ya! Big hugs.

Love the bag!! Mega cute! I can empathize with the meltdown. It used to piss me off, too, when I started. It's going, it's going. A little patience, Simone, and you'll be in those smaller sizes soon enough.

Those are some major victories - staying on plan, no snacking at the movies ... Public Enemy is still around? Cool. A big holla for no air mattress.

LOL Love Watching & Weighting's little hummus poem.

Watching and Weighting said...

cheers antgirl! it's from a movie -cannot remember which tho!