Monday, 13 July 2009

weigh in...

This was my first full week with out checking the scale everyday. And I have to admit no matter how much I enjoyed not stressing everyday I liked knowing those numbers. The build up of not knowing sucked. Last night I was really anxious and fidgety. And today I am not feeling positive at all.

Here are the numbers. A BIG FAT STAY THE SAME.
Current weight: 19 stones 7 pounds (273 lbs)
Previous weight: 19 stones 7 pounds (273lbs)
Highest weight: 21 stones 3 pounds (297 lbs)
Weight loss this week: A BIG FAT ZERO
Total weight lost: 1 stone 10 pounds (24 lbs)

No I am not happy. Yes I had the one really bad meal. I made one shitty decision. But from that I have worked out like a mo'fo this week to pull it back. I even frickin' RAN. I did the big workouts on my sports active. I RAN laps in the garden. I even did one of the work outs in the garden. I had two extra long walks. I ate cleanly and within my calories. I chugged water like it was fricking water and for what? To work off that one shitty meal. I can't even blame this on my period because it ended it two bloody days ago. I am angry at myself for that one fricking bad choice but I have ate worse and worked out less and LOST MORE. So I am angry about that too. I AM JUST PLAIN ANGRY. can you tell? I just feel like this week was pretty worthless. My mood has been up and down. But it felt like my belly had shrunk some and theres loose skin starting on thighs so I thought a loss might be possible. I feel like giving up. I AM NOT GOING TO but I feel like it. I just hate this week and now I am starting this new one really shitty too.


big_mummy said...

i know i have been bending your ear on IM but just wanted to post a wee bit in here too.

you are having your period, and its week 3 of a new plan, its most likely some kind of plateau. i know same as you how you want to see a bigger loss, but be patient, dont lose hope and just have a great week and see what it brings you.

oh and tricia is sending chuck!!


Fat Lazy Guy said...

I know it sucks not to lose when you think you should have, but you really had a fantastic week. It seems like it was for nothing, but it's not. It's building a foundation. You know you can do all those things, you can push yourself.

And you didn't gain! You can look at it like you didn't lose, or you can look at it like you didn't gain. You didn't gain!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You should just give up.

Ah, you know better than that. The scale is a playful pixie and will try to mess with your head. Just keep doing right, and keep doing right, and the scale will have no choice but to reward you in the end. It's frustrating to post a big, fat zero, but you gotta take a long-range look at this thing. Kick it up a notch and make that scale your bitch. You got this!

Tony said...

scales can be way too misleading. Don't give up! Weight loss and patience go together---my own advice to you that I need to work on as well.

TJ said...

staying the same shouldnt make you angry, at least it wasnt a gain! Be proud that you maintained your weight. :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

A big fat STS is soooo better than a gain love. Not to mention, all that stressin out will completely hinder your weight loss. After a week of not stepping on the scale morning and not and seeing a piddly .2 loss I let the stress go the next week, still at like crap, and didn't work out a bit...then had a killer loss. I attribute that to lack of stress. Also...I'll be punished this week. That's usually the way it goes. Boooo.

Keep your chin up sweets!

jo said...

Okay, if you really upped your workouts this week, you could be building a bit of muscle, which weighs. Plus, you could be carrying extra water in those muscles.

I know how unfair it is! But it wasn't a gain! You're living a healthy life! Do you're doing healthy things for your body. Your body will pay you back in its own time.


antgirl said...

Your work will show up. Our body's have their own minds sometimes though. The exercise may have your muscles retaining fluid ... or the hormone thing is hiding the results of your efforts. Hormones are pesky that way.

Consistent effort will bring results. I can attest. I had many frustrating weeks, too, where it seemed pointless. But, it's not. Just know that what you're doing for yourself goes way beyond lower numbers on the scale.

The key to success is to keep at it. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

It is traditional these days to give the scales the finger if they don't show good results.

Seriously - keep up the hard work - and you will report a fantastic loss next week - I promise (but you have to keep at it!).

Kate said...

You realize you can lose weight without it showing up on the scale, right? A lot of times, your body will release fat from the fat cells (i.e., fat loss), but replace those cells with water for a while (it's like a placeholder, since your body doesn't understand what you did with its precious fat stores). Eventually, your body gives up and releases the water from those previously vacated fat cells, and then you show a loss on the scale. So, if things are looking smaller (or more deflated), it's quite likely that you're losing fat.

It sucks that the scale is only one measure of success, but the sooner we come to terms with that, the sooner we stop having angry, angry weigh-in days. :)

SeaShore said...

Are your muscles sore? Sore muscles means water retention.

Also, you don't know, the scale could show a drop tomorrow, but since you're weighing once a week, you won't see the loss until next week.

One indulgent meal will not break you. There are lots of reasons that could explain why you stayed the same.

It's one week. It's disappointing and it sucks and it's not fair, but it is just one week among many.

Take heart. We've been there.

Julie said...

Sometimes our body play a stupid sick joke on us. Keep doing the right thing and you will see a loss.
Don't give up!!

Stella said...

Hang on in there!

arielcircleofnine said...

I agree with big mummy and jack shit and everyone else!! Some kind of plateau, and you are probably going to show a loss in the numbers next week or so. Its a mystery, but thats why I dont weigh, so instead I go by how I feel, look and how clothing fits. Actually Im considering using a measuring tape once in a while. I totally understand you feel angry and a bit defeated, but dont let that scale run your life or moods! Like Jack said, make it your bitch!!!!

Losing Waist! said...

Have you been measuring your hips and waist (and yes I am calling you a GRUMPHUCK!!)?? Do it! You may be losing inches right now. Running/walking puts a lot of stress on the body (and plus the period) you may be retaining some water...

Be patient (and I will take a bit of my own advice), and wait another week!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I agree with FLG. This week wasn't bad and it wasn't for nothing. Sure the scale says zero, but that doesn't mean much. You didn't gain and you did all the right things 98% of the time. That is actually an awesome week!

Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

It is frustrating when you work so damn hard and it doesn't show. I have had that so many times. But it will show up next week and I know that it is hard but it will show up. Your hard work will show up.

Dreaming of the new me

F. McButter Pants said...

Ok Ms. Sheep...use that anger to make a YOU-turn. You can turn things around. (I read this you-turn thing on another blog )

I am looking forward to your next post where you tell me that you are back on know you can do it!

Keep you chin's just what the scales say...and like to mess with your head. Don't fall for it!