Wednesday, 30 September 2009

slowly slowly... dully dully!

It is dullville here.
Eating good. Exercise good. Water good.

Reset all my wii fit targets and goals so I can start again. Hopefully this will motivate me to get back to using it properly. I did have fun on it this morning. lol. Also discovered it is yet another way to communicate with Sarah (big_mummy). Not like we need another one with twitter, facebook, chat and texting. :D

Cleaned the flat too.

I have loads of studying ahead. Long hours sitting in the library etc. So I have been thinking about ideas of breaking it down without going to the gym. The library is over road for the swimming baths so I could do that, just go for a walk, wander aimlessly round the library... any more suggestions?

Also whilst my flatmate is at work and I have been stuck in the flat alone feeling miserable. I have decided to do more sociable things. How am I going to meet people if I become a hermit? So I have joined the uni film society. Film one tonight. I know, its rude to talk during a movie so how is that sociable? Well they go for drinkies and discuss it afterwards. :D cue meeting people.

over and out.


Carlos said...

sounds like fun... what's the movie?

TJ said...

Carlos is so nosey he had to ask

That is a GREAT way to get out and meet new peeps! :) Good job!!!

antgirl said...

Yeah, for you getting out and filling up your life. Yaay on you getting back to workouts and eating well.

Joining stuff is a great way to meet folks. It's what I do in adult life, too.

I used to ... sit in the library. Then I'd go home and sit at my desk. Not much moving. I did have to haul around 50lbs of books, but that didn't seem to do anything for me. I would think getting up and moving every hour to get the heart pumping would be a good thing. I'm at my desk at home, so I usually get up and dance around like crazy me for a few minutes. But you might not want to do that in public. lol

MackAttack said...

go you going out and socializing! That's awesome! Have fun at the movie! p.s. it also seems like Wii is socializing since you are chatting with sarah

Debby said...

Sometimes dull isn't all bad.

Meeting people is great. Smile, make eye contact, it's not easy, but it's worth the effort. If the film group doesn't work out, find another one. Don't give up!!