Thursday, 1 October 2009

Finally feeling it...

I am finally feeling it.

Just got back from a long walk in the rare Manchester sun!! It was really lovely to walk by the river. Lots of people running and walking their doggies. Very smiley people, which made me feel good. New shoes still good, no blisters or pain from them. WOOT. I am covered in sweat. I also did a wii fit work out before I left. Food is bang on, if not a little dull. Definitely need to mix it up a bit before I get bored and stray.

Went to the film thing last night. We watched In The Loop. A political comedy. Quite funny in places. But I wouldn't rush out to buy it on dvd. I saved up some calories to have a drink in the pub afterwards. Plan sociable a go go. It was weird. I still couldn't get over my shyness. Ended up making friends with a Greek couple who didn't speak English too well so there was a lot of gestering :D and not so much chatting. Worked for me. On the way to the pub I had to detour to the cash machine and one of the guys who organised the night offered to walk me there. I think he could sense my shyness and was trying to get me to open up because he chatted nineteen to the dozen. Maybe next will be better.... well I'm sticking with it.

That's it. Off to have a bath and catch up on some blogs.


Debby said...

Awesome that you're feeling it!!!

So fabby also that you planned a drinky poo. Social situations are a part of life. I think a fun part of life. I think it's great that you planned ahead and didn't have to sit there with a glass of water when that's not what you wanted. Nothing wrong with sitting there with a glass of water either mind you...if that's what you WANT.

It's so hard when you're shy. I have a friend that is shy and it's hard for me to understand. I'm learning a lot. Situations where I feel great...lots of people, talking a mile a minute, center of attention, just make him cringe! I love them! Believe in yourself for sure. You are wonderful. You have a lot to offer. Screw anyone that doesn't think so!

You've given me a happy feeling today. I live in a lovely community in the winter. Lots of activities, lots of friends, lots to do. I kept thinking how deprived I'd be when they invited me to stop for a glass of wine...I'd have to say no. No, I won't have to say no, I'll say yes and have just one! Thank you!

big_mummy said...

wow you are doing my share too!! go you. are you doing the WLR christmas challenge?

so sweet the guy went with you, what a gent!

Fat[free]Me said...

Maybe communicating with gestures is the answer to all social awkwardness, lol!

Well done you on getting with the programme and for making such a lot of effort - I am impressed. Yes, I am.

F. McButter Pants said...

Hello my sweaty little friend! So glad here you are back in the swing of things.

It is hard when you're shy. Something I really know nothing about....just ask my kid. I embrass the hell out of him all the

Lovely post and a big puffy hug!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Nothing wrong with dull. Some of my best weeks (weight loss wise) are so dull that if I actually blogged about them, people would nod off at their computers.

But here's the important thing: dull days can make for spectacular weigh-ins.

antgirl said...

I'm shy, too. Stick with it. It gets better.

I'm so proud of ya. Yaaay on the walking, the sunshine and being smiley.

MackAttack said...

Those people that target the shy person to make them feel comfortable are such lifesavers. I'm always thankful for them! Glad you had an ok time, hopefully next time will be better!

arielcircleofnine said...

Yess!!! another day on plan--most important, but yes do vary that food. cuz you dont wanna get bored and tempted!
Ever think the well-mannered gent thought you were a cutie? you it girl!

Carlos said...

glad you are back and at it