Saturday, 3 October 2009

get lost! yeah you heard!!

that's right people. i got lost in the woods. i went for my usual walk in the morning but decided to try a new route. got completely lost. lol at one point scared lost. there was like no people! i thought i was going the right way... ended up walking in completely the opposite direction and did a massive u-turn. lol. i have zero sense of direction. however i managed four thousand more steps than my usual walk and got my ten thousand steps before lunch!!

i am feeling good. super super super super good. very happy people.
hope all is well for you.

i have even factored in some calories to have a gin and tonic later when we go watch the football :D


(for some reason caplock isn't working)


Monica said...

Im glad youre ok & feeling H A P P Y!!!

TJ said...

so glad we didn't have to call in the troops to go find you! lol

:) Keep on smiling my fluffy friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for finding your way back!!! I have a horrible sense of direction as well....the worse of anyone I know!! Turn me in a circle and ask me where I came from and I couldn't tell ya!! Embarrassing!!

MackAttack said...

wow that sounds like a serious adventure! Enjoy your day, it sounds like a fun one!

foolsfitness said...

Did you look at your watch? Is there time missing that you can't account for?

Maybe you were abducted by aliens. Hear me out... the complete loss of sense of direction.. then the unusual feeling of happiness- likely a after effect of them putting you asleep.

Sorry, I got to go get my perscription at the store now. I forgot to take the nice little blue pill today.

And remember that being abducted by aliens happens all the time at Foolsfitness!- Alan

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Maybe you've stumbled upon the perfect weight loss regimen: you just wander around aimlessly until you finally find your way home and you've logged a ton of steps. Isn't it just like you to think creatively like that?

Fat[free]Me said...

Gawd, how scary - I remember when I did that and for some reason the Green Mile came into my head and I thought of the horrible sadist person and got really really scared.

Glad you got home safely - but be careful not to get lost again!

Dree said...

Yay for the happiness! See, our parents never told us that good things can happen when we get lost (but of course find our way back)!

Katie J said...

Sorry you got lost but that is a great day in steps. For my stride it would be 4 miles because I have short legs. Enjoy your weekend soon to be ex-fluffy girl.

P.S. I have given you an Over the Top! Award :-) I will post the list tomorrow.

big_mummy said...

too funny, i got lost with alice once lol, i just kept turning left and eventually got home

jo said...

lol...well, that's one way to get in extra steps! Glad you had such a great walk and that you got un-lost!!! Enjoy your drink! =)

anne h said...

I was lost in the woods*metaphorically* once.
Took a long way to find my way out.
Scarey, imaginary things live in the woods.

Glad you are OUTTA THERE!

Debby said...

Too funny! You'll have to get a Satnav to carry round with you!