Sunday, 18 October 2009

a mixed bag!

This is a view from a hill on our mini hike in the Derbyshire countryside. The walk almost killed me. It really showed how far I have to go. I seriously almost coughed up a lung. Some of the hills were practically vertical! It was worth it though. The views were spectacular :) I did feel embarrassed to having to keep stopping everyone to get my breath... my face was red and I was puffing like a steam engine. Not pretty!

We did end up in the pub after and I did succumb to a most delicious pint of local cider! m..mmm.

Since my flatmate hadn't seen her parents in like 6 months we all went out for a meal at our local Italians. I was a bit nervous, haven't eaten in a proper restaurant in a while and since I was on a losing streak I was tempted not to go. But Katie's parents are lovely and it was a great night. I stuck to what I knew. I had chicken with mushrooms and onions in a cream sauce. Probably really fatty but the only other thing I had eaten all day was breakfast so it will probably work out ok. Again, DELICIOUS. I did wash it down with two small glasses of wine :) It was a great night.

Got home. Period arrived. On time. Shock. It usually 2-3 weeks late, its almost like it misses one. But I hope it stays this way. Being irregular sucks. And I feel this counts for my emotional splurges....last night (got myself worked up into a right state) and after the sex the other day. My sex guy canceled on me for today and then told me not to text him on the weekend. Me thinks he has a g.f. So that is now officially over. I do not need extra drama. I have so much to do right now.

I hurt from the hike and the cramps are starting in so Sunday is my designated catch up on blogs and be comfy in my bed day.



TJ said...

Ok so like every lady blogger is on their period!!??? WTF?? LOL Its day 3 for me adn Im one mean BEEOOTCH On day 3 so I hope no one makes me mad. lol

ok I am SUPER proud of you for the hike! WOW- that pic is beautiful too! oh and hey Im proud of you for kicking that dude to the curb...who is he telling you to NOT text him on the weekend???!!!! WHATEVER!

Learning to be Less said...

I feel for you on the lady troubles! But I am sooo proud of you for that hike! I wish I could have gone with you. Keep up the great work and it will pay off!

MackAttack said...

Stopping or no stopping you did the hike! That's just great! I was there a few months ago with my friends, embarrassing, but we did it! Sorry about the stupid boy. Feel better!

*fitcetera* said...

the view is spectacular!! Wow!
You did it ... no matter that you stopped once in a while ... YOU DID IT!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

beautiful pic!

PS: proud of you for walking away from what could be retarded drama!

Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, wow - you DID it! Well done and what a beautiful view.

Shame about the lad, hope you are playing it cool (like The Rules say).

But, girl, isn't it fantastic that you can do a walk like this. I hope you have many more!