Friday, 16 October 2009

that friday feeling...

Despite having lots of really good sex yesterday. (Feels good to say that). I felt like utter crap last night. The tears just kept coming. It was for no reason, well none that I could really pin point, it just felt like everything was crap. Which is sooooooooooo not true. Things are great for me right now so I don't know if the sex just hit some emotional button but wah it was there and not fun. I did not go see Frost/Nixon...

However it is a new day and all that jazz. I have put it behind me and am moving on :D the smile is back. My flat mates parents are coming up for the weekend and we all plan to go on a massive walk in the hills. So that should be great, fresh fresh fresh air. The sun is actually shining right now too so woot.

Fridays (as I promised big_mummy... the whiney wench) are my new weigh in day.
Good numbers people.

19 stones and 3 pounds. That is another pound since Monday.
Another pound gone.
Two stone over all. 28 pounds gone.
(doesn't seem like a lot for 10 months)

This is my lowest weight so far. I got to this number back before my exams and then gained it all back.


big_mummy said...

first of all, i am not a whiney wench. I tell the best jokes and i am all round (pun haha) fun and fab and not even as close a wench as you! wench.

2nd, i know i have said it already but - hell yeh!!! on the loss, lowest so far!!! woop woop. 18st 13 here she comes.

Fat[free]Me said...

Oh wow, oh wow - from now on you will be losing virgin fat - yay!

The 18s here we come!

And I am crying and weeping because I am not getting any - ho hum...

Have a great weekend in the fresh, fresh, fresh air!

Debby said...

I think 2 stone is a lot for 10 months! Imagine what it would have been if you'd not been trying to diet some of that time!

Perhaps the tears were because of the sex and you want more than just sex?

Keep up the good work and know you are worth it. Know you are wonderful, awesome, spectacular. Someone perfect will come along...but you have to know you're worth their attention. You're worth love and attention and not just sex. Sex is great, but it's not everything.

Once a mom always a mom!

Use a condom!

F. McButter Pants said...

Sorry you got a case of the weeps. I think Debby might me onto something. Once a Mom always a Mom. I know you are being safe. You're a smart girl.

Congrats on the loss. You are sounding so great! Keep it up.

Have a great walk and lots of fresh air! Be good to yourself!

Watching and Weighting said...

wait a sec!!!!! Who are you gettin it on with ?! How have i missed this?!

Also - your loss is FANTASTIC and i simply will NOT have it said otherwise!! You are splendid so there!!!!

keep rockin it dude - give my love to mancland (going to Evuna for halloween - ever eaten there? on deansgate?) xxxx

jo said...

lol at all the moms....that was my thought, too--use a condom.

Congrats on the loss!!! woo-hoo!!!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Sex is wonderful! But we're women, and by nature we can't have "just sex". There's almost always an emotional connection unless you find a way to cut that tie. Enjoy the loss of calories with it though (blah blah of course BE SAFE).

Congrats on some awesome numbers!

Loves ya!

Carlos said...

crying during or after sex is so hot!

Val said...

WTG on teh loss!!! Yay you!

Also, I cry a lot after sex...I don't why. It just happens.

Have fun on your walk :)

MackAttack said...

Aww, tell us more about this guy! I know how sometimes I would feel off after sex and I wasn't in a relationship.

But, hey GREAT JOB on the weightloss! WOOOHOOO. Celebrate all losses. (also, don't calculate the per month loss, not worth it, just enjoy the loss!)

Jenn said...

Usually when I'm weepy and shouldn't be it's because Aunt Flow is coming soon...
Congrats on the loss! Keep it up - you've got the momentum now to hit new lows!!