Saturday, 28 November 2009

lumps and bumps!

This has to be THE MOST HIDEOUS photograph of me ever. It repulses me. I took it yesterday. So it's brand spanking new. Lumps and bumps galore. Motivation campaign. Day two. It kinda makes me want to cry.

Today I went to town to pick up some special christmas cards. Why does shopping turn people into MONSTERS? Seriously the town centre was frickin' mental. I wanted to leave immediately. Also I fancied a big mac. And I'm afraid to say it was not my will power that stopped me buying one but the fact the queue was 50 people long. So I just had some pasta at home instead. Now I am watching Bridget Jones in an effort to cheer me up!


Debby said...

OK young lady, you don't like the lumps and know what you have to do. That being said, it's damn hard! Just keep plodding along, don't give up. You're so freakin young that if you lose 1/2 pound a week you'll reach goal in no time. Think of lose 1/2 pound a week you don't have to give up much, change your habits much...just concentrate on that. When you get that down pat, try for 1 pound a week. Don't think you have to deprive yourself and lose all your weight over night. It's not going to happen and you're not going to be a happy Simone. You are young, you need to be happy. Hell I'm old and I need to be happy. We need moderation. We need a bit of goodies balanced with a lot of healthy...we can do this Simone, we really can. In the meantime, clothes hide a multitude of sins! I truly believe that! Smile a lot. Hugs from me. PS:I'll be flying into Manchester next summer and you can jog past the airport and show me how well you've done!

Alexia said...

Good grief! I, too, thought lumps and bumps when today, I saw a photo of mine from this summer. At first, I didn't even recognize myself! The person taking the photo, a child, didn't get my good side! YIKES. Please follow my new weight loss diary, why don't you? I'd really appreciate it!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Oh are not as bad as you think. I know you won't believe me but I think you're damn beautiful girl. And you've inspired me to do a little pic motivation as well. Love you lady.

Alexia said...

Did you change your layout, since my first comment?

MackAttack said...

Love the new layout! So, I've got to say something about your picture. Don't just focus on what you dislike. What do you love about your body? And how do you want to build on that? I know with me, I get into a major funk when I focus on the negative. You are a beautiful woman, focus on the positive and build on it!

Alexia said...

Listen to MackAttack!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

New layout is awesome!

And listen to MackAttack. Take care of yourself. A really good thing to remember before you say anything about yourself is would you say that to your best friend?

Be awesome, you are!

Dree said...

Love the new layout!
Don't feel bad about your picture. As MackAttack said, focus on what you like about your body. There are always going to be pictures that we don't like, but it's what we DO like that counts. You're a fabulous person. Believe in yourself!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Love the new layout!

I agree with what MackAttack says. Hating on your body will never get you anywhere. you might not even like it right now, but you need to find just one thing you like that you can focus on. It can help pull you out.

You are awesome and you can do this!

Learning to be Less said...

1st - I like the new layout!

2nd- the picture. Think of how much better it is than it would have been months ago. But I must say NO ONE would look great from that angle with a camera phone and wearing stripes.

You should take one dressed in a solid dark print, facing forward and looking up at the camera. Pictures are all about staging. To make you feel better I will go back to my blog and post some old pictures of myself. Now they make me laugh but I did not think they were funny then. I just hid them away and denied their existence.

Also, Big Macs are good. About once a year I have to eat one. I probably would have waited. Good for you (even if it was not your willpower that sent you home).

Seriously - I am going to post pics right now.

SeaShore said...

Everyone's before pictures are a misery, then we take smiling, well-posed "afters" for added contrast. Mainly it makes me think we should be kind and loving toward ourselves no matter what.

Good on you for deciding to love your body, regardless. Even closer to goal you may not have the body you imagine, so learn to love it now. I still have plenty of lumps, bumps, and other scary bits and I probably always will. So what, right?