Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday Mojo!

Thanks for the comment love about the new lay out. It has two functions... one it is pretty and I like it and I needed to change the layout, it was so dull. two. it is to remind that I should be doing my graffiti dissertation and not blogging 24/7! as much as I love blogging there is much to be done.

Unfortunately my laptop broke last night. My charger cable snapped off inside the laptop and I can't get it out. So it has zero power. All my motivational pictures are on there. Gutted so until I get it sorted I will have to figure out another way to upload them. However lucky for me one of my favourite bloggers, Learning to be less! has posted some of her before pictures in honour of my lumpy bumpy picture! So today they are my motivational inspiration pics of the day. GO check her out

Got a lot going on this week...
A Swedish massage
Christmas markets
Studying studyinG studying
my return to playing badminton

So apologies if I make it to blogs late. I will catch up eventually!



Anonymous said...

Love the new layout Simone!! Much more "you" I think ;)

Pooey on the broken laptop..hope you can fix it soon!

Yay for having your mojo back. Let's kick some serious butt and finish off the year feeling good ok?!!

TJ said...

Luv the new layout! :) Hope your laptop gets back up and running soon! :)

Mary - A Merry Life said...

Have a great week Simone!! :)

Jenn said...

Every day is a new day, girl. I'm also floundering around a bit - hoping that today is my day to get back the mojo as well.
Let's have a good week,shall we?

antgirl said...

Snazzy layout! Love it!

You will, when you have time, tell me how to do a new layout sometime. :)

I love your hair.

Computers can be ... annoying. I about fizzled away when the one before this one blew up [started on fire actually for no good reason] and I had to wait on this one to show up. It ended up in Ohio. Then Montana. Then Vancouver Canada. So, I named it Wrongway. Took its sweetass time getting here.

Glad your mojo is going.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Ok you know you need more sleep when somehow you see

"Studying your G spot"

in your studying, studying, studying listy thingie.


MackAttack said...

ohhh a massage?! That's AWesome. I'm jealous. Good luck with your laptop. Computer problems suck.

Alexia said...

Love the new layout! How cute you are!

Fat[free]Me said...

Woo-hoo at the new layout! Niiiice!

Love the lumps and bumps post too - I hated my ones from April, but when you are Slimone (see what I did there, I just added an "L" and now you are Slimone, heh-heh), you will be so glad you took the before picture!

Love your list of great things happening this week (apart from the studying bit, lol)!