Wednesday, 2 December 2009

campaign christ[less]mas[s]!

this is from my birthdy this year. did i mention my friends took me to a cave? this is the super fun guide that made the tour great fun. he made everyone sing happy birthay and i got to do special stuff. so i wanted a pic of him to remember... this was after i had climbed the 200 stairs after leaving the cave. my face was bright red, i was puffing like a steam train and people were looking at me panicked like i was going to have a heart attack. not fun.

i forgot to mention my campaign christ[less]mas[s]. my plan to lose some more mass. i want to stand in january and reflect back that i lost at least two stone this year. as it is freezing cold and the holiday food bonanza i know is coming that i know i have to work twice as hard as usual. so in another tempt to motivate myself. also lots of other people are doing stuff for december :p

campaign christ[less]mas[s]
it is basically the same system i tried to impliment before. it works when i stick to it!

so my 10k steps
5 portions of fruit and veg
1 hour of exercise a day minimum.
break a wii record every day.
use the stairs when ever possible.
go the extra mile.

yesterday went bang on. tick. tick. tick.
wanted to do more at the gym but i started coughing uo phlegm so i had to cut it short.
14k steps. woot.


Debby said...

Awesome goals missy! I keep a spreadsheet that I can look back on. For me, I just need to know I lost some in a year. A goal of 2 stone is perfectly do-able! I like that and think I'll make my 2010 goal have a number attatched to it. I think I'll choose 2 pounds shy of 2 stone. That would be 1/2 pound a week. I should be able to do that. Simone, you have inspired me this day!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Perfect girly! Love the positive (and totally attainable) goals! You're so adorable I want to just hug you til you pop!

Anonymous said...

Way to get the gears in motion!! Sounds like a great plan of attack!! Keep up the hard work :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Hmmm, snappy title (NOT!), but great idea!

I think ending 2009 2 stone lighter will be fab. Go for it!

Learning to be Less said...

Now that is a super cute picture of you! The old dude is pretty cute too. The only way you could have been cuter is if you were wearing one of your awesome hats!

Congrats on all the lost mass from this year already. I will try this challenge with you. However, tonight I think I ate like an extra 500 calories because I feel the NEED to eat. Damn hormones. In fact, I think I have to go to bed to stop eating today. I. am. so. sad. What a loser.

I would like to ring in the new year with a few pounds less of me. Let's rock it!

MackAttack said...

What a great challenge! Steps are an insane workout and always kick my butt!

Losing Waist! said...

mmmmmmm! Sweet tasty phelgm!

It really made my night to think about the clunk of the treadmill, and the roar of a phlegm-was making its way to the light.


Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

Wohoooo that is fantastic well done! 14k steps yay!

I know you can do this!! Keep up the great work and keep up with the goals and you will do it.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Great goals, Simone! Do remember to include a rest day, even if that means just lower intensity exercise, y'know?

But I really like that last one. Go the extra mile :) Even if that means just doing anything when all you want to do is nothing, that's fantastic.

And congrats on ticking all the boxes! Good luck for tomorrow!