Sunday, 28 February 2010

sunday goody sunday!

Ok people... I am putting this out to the vote.

I am currently an XXL and I am ordering my Graduation Hoody. Do you reckon I should I buy it in the XXL or something smaller? I won't get the hoody til June so what do you think? Buy it with the aim I will be able to fit into something smaller... or go with the big one?

I am back on track with water and recording food.

Also I am changing weigh in to a Tuesday. I will explain later.

I had my third date with Simon last night. And it went extremely well. He ended up making the spaghetti bolognese :P I had offered to cook but I talked him into it... trained already. He also stayed over. :D I managed to stay on plan. Only two glasses of wine. And the healthy spag bol. And a healthy breakfast too. We're going out to the theatre on Friday.


Beth @ fatbustermack said...

I'd say get it in your current size (I get anxiety in situations like that) Even if it is too big, it will fit. And think of all the comments you'll get for it being too big! yay for a good date!

Learning to be Less said...

I am a better safe than sorry person. I would go with current size. That is what I did with my wedding dress and then had it taken in.

Woohoo for you dates! Sounds like things are well for you. Good....because you deserve it.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I'm going to say current size for one reason only. Hoodies are meant to be big!!! And comfy.

Yay for Simone and Simon! (you dirty dirty brits!)

Dree said...

I would go with your current size too, that way even if it is a little big it will still look good. I'm so happy that your date went well! Woo!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say get it in your current size. If you lose more weight you can always have your gown taken in.

Desperately Seeking Thin said...

Oooo lucky lucky. I can't even get a date. Lol. But I think you should order it in a smaller size but I wouldn't go to small because June is only 3 months away, surprisingly! LOL.

CJ said...

I think one size smaller will do. It will act as a strong motivator, since you wouldn't want all the money to go waste ;)!

YAY for a good date!

Debby said...

I always think sweatshirts fit smaller than other clothes and I like them big. I'd order your current size. No pressure that way. You know you're going to lose weight but there's not a time limit. Not only that, sweatshirts shrink!

I'm coming for a visit this fall and I usually fly into Manchester...too bad you'll be all graduated by then!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Get it in the current size.

Yay for third dates and good dates! :)

CactusFreek said...

Definatly current size! You can take clothing in but you can't take it out.
It would be great motivation to have a smaller size, but speaking from experience, i've got heaps of clothes that i've bought too small as 'motivation' and then they have gone out of style, it took so long!

Nice to hear about the date. So..where did he sleep? :oÞ

Scuttleboose said...

Pros and Cons of buying the smaller size:

Pros - it might motivate you (the wedding dress made me drop 30 pounds); you'll feel great when you look great in it!

Cons - it might be more pressure than you like; and if it takes longer than you might like to get into it, it may entail a trip to negativeville

Good luck! :)

Julie said...

I would order the size you are now.

Good for finding Simon, sounds great! :)

Katie J said...

Size lower is my opinion. You WILL be smaller then and you don't want it to look all droopy.

Glad he stayed for bfast ;-)

antgirl said...

I, too, would go with your current size. Stress gloms onto me like grazing 24/7 on pie. You can always get it taken it later if needed.

Glad you're back on track, UK That Girl. That's the spirit. Keep up the good fight. You'll get where you're aiming.